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Scenario EXP/Mana Analysis and Comparisons

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  • Scenario EXP/Mana Analysis and Comparisons

    Here is the page!
    Scenario EXP/Mana Farming Analysis and Comparisons


    First off, we have Aiden Data now. The game's patch has been factored in!

    We have thousands of scenario victories and an all-inclusive approach to exp and mana analysis. We don't just compare the raw experience earned by killing monsters between scenarios. Every time you have a victory, you earn a rune, monster, or unknown scroll, and these all have value. Knowing what those values are, why not put them all together for one result? Every variable is accounted for so you can use our sheets to find out not just what is the best area in the game, but also to find what is the best area for you, personally, at any time.

    *We have updated our project to include a time tool as well, so you can figure out which scenario is best for you during double XP and Mana periods.*

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or check out my twitch at

    Major Features found in the Exp and Mana Tools

    Best Scenarios to Farm Per Energy (Rankings lists)

    Quickly view and compare the experience and mana earnings of multiple scenarios, at a glance. We have presented every scenario with a percentage worth comparing it to Faimon 1 Hell with 1 carrier (the community standard for farming Exp and Mana).
    To further assist you in understanding the page, we also provide you with a helpful "Read Me" box on the page.

    How to use:
    Just look at the category you are interested in (e.g. Exp, Mana, or Exp+Mana), and see which areas are better than others. The higher a perentage, the better!

    Best Scenarios to Farm Per Hour (Tool) and Play Time Estimator *NEW*
    Find out which area is the best to farm when time is important! Your double XP or double Mana period only last a short time? Come here.

    How to use:
    1) Choose which scenarios you want to compare and enter the time you take to win in each
    2) Choose the game mode (Normal, Double XP, or Double Mana)
    3) Automatically be given the best scenario to farm for exp/mana per hour!


    For the play time estimator, find out how long you will have to be stuck on your phone if you choose to farm on one scenario compared to another.

    How to use play time estimator:
    1) Enter in your victory times for every scenario you wish to estimate the play time for (if you have not already done so)
    2) Enter in some amount of energy.
    3) Done! The estimator will tell you how long it takes to completely spend the energy you entered, along with any energy that drops while fighting, and tell you the total time you will have to play the game for each scenario.

    Earnings Estimator and Stat Breakdowns
    Find out the exact amount of exp or mana you will earn with any amount of energy you choose.

    How to use:
    1) Enter in a number for your "Starting Energy."
    2) That's it! Find the table and category that suits you. If you plan to play scenarios using a max level monster you own, then look at the "Exp and Mana Estimator: With 1 Max Level Monster (1 "carrier")" table. If you plan to fight instead using no max level monsters (unless it's a friend's rep), then look at the "Exp and Mana Estimator: NO Max Level Monster (NO "carrier"), unless a friend's rep monster" table.

    *Remember: The exp and mana results factor in more than raw earnings. We factored in the exp and mana value of all victory drops!!!*

    What you will find in the Stat Breakdowns:

    Experience analysis

    Takes into account...
    -Experience awarded by winning scenarios
    -Monster leveling and evolution experience costs saved by obtaining 2* monsters, 3* monsters, and 2* rainbowmon via victory drops and unknown scroll summons
    -Enery drops ("regain")


    Mana analysis

    Takes into account...
    -Mana awarded by winning scenarios
    -Sale of victory awarded runes
    -Monster evolution mana costs saved by obtaining 2* monsters, 3* monsters, and 2* rainbowmon via victory drops and unknown scroll summons
    -Mana cost of summoning monsters from unknown scrolls drops
    -Enery drops ("regain")

    In-Depth Run Data Collection

    We reveal all the data to visitors in our "Run Data" tabs. All of our results and stat breakdown numbers are based on the observations made from thousands of scenario victories. If you are interested in collecting data for the project, email me at
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    Thanks a lot! Looks like I'll work on my Amir to make him Aiden's Hell farmer.
    Need to gather data, but I believe wind ifrit was made to shine in PVE


    • Obstracized
      Obstracized commented
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      FYI, El, my Akhamamir can solo Aiden Hell with 100% Success.

      He's runed Vampire + Blade, ATK%/CD%/ATK%.

      Here are his stats:

      17150 HP
      1814 ATK
      881 DEF
      122 SPD
      95% CRI
      93% CD
      27% RES
      5% ACC

      Runes are not maxed and most are +9.

      Good luck.

    • Elcrest
      Elcrest commented
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      Thanks a lot, Obstracized ! I am now turned apart XD I don't know whether to 6* Delphoi or Amir as next wind, but I think I'll go with Amir.

    • Obstracized
      Obstracized commented
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      Go with Akhamamir, Elcrest.

      Delphoi can wait since you have Chloe and Lumirecia, but Akhamamir can allow you to farm Aiden Hell, which in turn allow you to 6* mobs faster. ;-)

      Go with Akhamamir, IMO. Very worth the 6*.

      Hope you find some good runes for him too, my dear.

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    great work

    and as i expected in last thread, for me tamor (1min) is much better as faimon hard (1:05min) or aiden hell (2:50min)


    • tkddans
      tkddans commented
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      For Exp it is better? For Exp+Mana?

      Personally, I like to play according to Exp+Mana, for which Tamor is almost never the winner.

    • achsell
      achsell commented
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      you can check it by entering my times

      with my run times, tamor is the winner in EXP and EXP+ Mana, in normal and 2x exp mode

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    made a screenshot
    tamor gives me nearly the double amount of exp+mana than aiden hell ( thats why i said, runtimes are so important or is there any miscalculation? )

    its even better than faimon hard, so strange result compared to the result on your first page (per energy), where tamor is in the red zone

    so "the Best scenario per energy" tab give me the advise to do aiden hell, hard, or faimon hard
    but "the best scenario per hour" tab, has tamor as a clear winner
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    • tkddans
      tkddans commented
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      That only means that in a unit of time, tamor will have you earning more exp. However, after spending all your energy you will have less exp than if you had played Faimon Hard.

      It just depends on what you're doing. I don't like to look at the "per hour" stats unless there is a double xp or double mana period going on. If the game is just normal, as you have in your tests, I would rather play for twice as long if it means getting more exp and mana that day.

      Go into the earnings estimator tab and enter in 80 energy, you'll see how Tamor compares when time isn't a factor.

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    Awesome, thanks. Finally a good use for my charlotte beside TOA. )


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      Does anyone think Julien can farm Aiden?
      His base HP and Defense are both super low... Probably can farm it with vamp.
      Not sure if he needs to be max skilled, but I think he does.


      • tkddans
        tkddans commented
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        Maybe with vamp. I haven't tried though. Any monster can beat an area if it gains health faster than it loses. Low hp is not necessarily an issue, but the low defense may be.

        You can always try during a free rune removal :P

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      Bumping for front page


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        Thanks a lot for the consolidation. It is very useful.

        Summary: In term of enery efficiency, Aiden and Faimon are the best maps for both mana and exp, and Hell > Hard > Normal unless during double mana event. Aiden is slightly better than Faimon.
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