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A Guide To EXP Farming

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  • A Guide To EXP Farming

    MASSIVE UPDATE: 6/4/15!!!

    Table of Contents:
    • I. Introduction
    • II. How Exactly Do I Farm?
    • III. Where Are the Best Farming Locations?
    • IV. What Monsters Are Best For Farming?
    • V. What Difficulty Is Best To Farm?
    • VI. What About Dimensional Rifts?
    • VII. Swayne, How Do You Farm?
    • VIII. Tips and Tricks!
    • IX. Conclusion
    I. Introduction

    Where should I farm? This is one of the most fundamental questions that exist within this game. We all need to level up our monsters to become stronger and eventually evolve all our good monsters to 6*. This is a very long process that can be difficult, frustrating, and downright boring! This guide will show you where the best places to farm are, the difference between Normal/Hard/Hell modes in relation to exp, some possible monsters to farm with, and some other random stuff as I think of it! haha

    II. How Exactly Do I Farm?

    Some of you may be reading this and asking yourself, what is farming and how do I do it? “Farming” is repeatedly finishing a certain stage/map/dungeon that you want resources from. Common resources to farm for include: experience points (exp for short), mana (the blue crystals), monsters (in secret dungeons and specific maps), and runes (to power up your monsters). This guide is specifically looking at how to farm for exp. This is best done by using 1 strong monster that can defeat the stage by itself (known as “soloing”) and bringing along 3 other monsters that you want to level up (often called “fodders”).

    III. Where Are the Best Farming Locations?

    The location for farming that is best for you is quite honestly dependent on what monsters you have or have access to. There are many maps that are easy to solo by a variety of monsters which make them the most popular choices of many top players. Hydeni Ruins, Tamor Desert, Faimon Volcano, and Aiden Forest are by far the most popular maps that players farm, but I will also discuss Mt. White Ragon too (I’ll explain why later). I will give you some general info about these maps along with the reasoning behind their popularity and why they are considered the ‘best’ locations to farm at.

    But first, some pertinent info….

    Each of these stages allow for up to 4 monsters to be used on Normal/Hard/Hell modes. Normal will require 3 energy, Hard will require 4 energy, and Hell will require 5 energy. Normal can drop 1* and 2* runes, Hard can drop 2* and 3* runes, and Hell can drop 3* and 4* runes. There is a 66.67% (aka two-thirds) chance to get the lesser of the two available runes for each map (i.e. on Normal, higher chance to get 1* rune than the 2* rune). All difficulties can drop any of the monsters I list, and there is a set drop ratio for 3*, 2*, and 1* monsters according to the chosen difficulty. Now let’s look at some info regarding each map and weigh the pros and cons (to conserve space, I created a spreadsheet powered by GoogleDocs):

    Let’s break each of these maps down and talk more about the reasoning behind why players prefer these maps, also taking into consideration some pros and cons list:

    Mt. White Ragon – 2. Hill:
    While this map is not super popular, it is EASILY the easiest to solo of the 5 locations I mention in this guide. This stage is all unawakened Water Warbears; they do very little damage and at worst will “annoy” you with their heal skill. Due to all units being Water, Wind units can wipe out the stage no problem as long as they can out-sustain the Warbears (which isn’t hard to do). In addition to being easy, there aren’t any 1* monster units that can drop which helps speed up the farming process in the long run. The two major downfalls of this map is that you won’t get as much mana from selling the runes compared to Faimon Volcano or Aiden Forest, and this stage gives the least amount of exp of the 5 mentioned. I mainly suggest this stage for beginners, especially if you are having trouble with the others.

    **NOTE** Why are 1* monster drops a con? There is a set rate for monster drops on each difficulty regardless of if a stage can drop 3*s, 2*s, and 1*s, or if a stage only drops 3*s and 2*s. The chance for a 1* monster dropping gets ADDED to the ratio of 2* drops if a given stage cannot drop 1* monsters. Leveling up 2* monsters is often necessary to produce 6*s (especially for free-to-play [F2P] players) due to the high fodder requirements, thus speeding the process up over time. If you frequently buy packs and use crystals for Premium Packs, having a 1* monster drop isn’t as big of a deal since you have lots of other fodder monsters***

    Hydeni Ruins – 5. Damnation:
    This stage is well known for having all Water monsters that do low damage in addition to being fairly squishy (low hp and/or def). Wind type monsters (especially monsters that can hit hard) have a great time stomping on the poor Howls and Elementals. The only real threats are debuffs from the Low Elementals. The most common monster used to solo this stage is Lushen, the Wind Joker (30-45 second clear time). The main downfalls of this map are 1* monster drops and low rune sellback rates, otherwise it gives good exp.

    Tamor Desert – 3. North:
    The first two waves of this stage are ONLY Wind and Fire Sandman, so I don’t need to tell you how easy it is haha the final wave is a measly 2 Sandman and a Fire Salamander which are easy to take down. Although it seems there will be mainly Fire elements, there are a lot of Wind elements too, thus making Fire monsters the best choice here typically. Be mindful of the sleep from Sandman and the stun from Salamander. Zairos, the Fire Dragon, is the iconic soloer of this stage and completes it very quickly (30-45 seconds). This map gives good exp, but has the worst rune sellback rates of the 5, and drops 1* monsters.

    Faimon Volcano – 1. Path:
    Notoriously difficult, soloing Faimon is no easy task for most players, especially Hell mode. This stage consists of only Fire Inugami, unawakened Fire Hellhounds, and 1 awakened Fire Hellhound (Sieq, atk and critrate buffer). The damage output is high, plus you have to deal with def break debuff which can be fatal. Water monsters are definitely the best choice here! Main threats are Sieq and the Inugami’s def break. There are lots of iconic soloers of Faimon including: Chow (Water Dragon Knight), Ariel (Water Archangel), Camilla (Water Valkyrja), Dagora (Water Warbear), and Rina (Water Epikion Priest). Faimon gives great exp, has a very high rune sellback, doesn’t drop 1* monsters, and has an above average energy drop rate. Only downfall is that it is hard to solo.

    Aiden Forest – 1. Outer Wall:
    The first of the newest maps released, this stage has all Water monsters that are natural 1*s and 2*s: Sandman, Forest Keeper, and Monster Flower. While difficult to solo, many people consider it slightly easier than Faimon despite being farther along in the story. The monsters are tanky considering what they are, and have a decent damage output in conjunction with stuns and sleep. Wind monsters do best here, but to solo Hell mode they often need to heal in some capacity. Classic farming choices are Copper (Wind Living Armor) and Lushen, who has already been mentioned before.

    So… is there like a “best map of the best maps” sorta deal going on here? Well… yes and no.

    While Mt. White Ragon, Hydeni Ruins, and Tamor Desert are all good places to farm, the statistically best places to farm are Faimon Volcano and Aiden Forest based of the pros/cons list. They have the same rune sellback rate, they give a lot of exp, drop lots of energy, and can be completed quickly. The main difference between the two are that Aiden Forest gives slightly more exp, while Faimon Volcano doesn’t drop any 1* monsters and has a slightly higher energy drop rate. Personally, I prefer Faimon Volcano because I hate getting 1* monster drops when it could’ve been a 2*. Honestly though, after digging into the data, both locations are top notch!

    That being said, the statistically best place to farm doesn’t always mean they are the functionally best place to farm for you. If you can solo Hydeni or Tamor quickly and efficiently and are satisfied, then keep doing what you’re doing.

    **NOTE** I no longer recommend Chiruka Remains because very few people can actually farm it, let alone do it in a reasonable amount of time. If you can farm it reasonably quickly (under 3 minutes), then it is worth considering because it has the highest exp/energy return in the game. If you can’t (like the rest of us haha) then do yourself a favor and farm somewhere else, trust me***
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    IV. What Monsters Are Best For Farming?

    The amount of monsters in this game that have the potential for soloing is truly massive. As you read through some of the common monsters used to solo the most popular stages, I am sure you began to draw some connections and saw a few strategies that are very effective. We are now going to talk more about the strategies used to effectively solo, and show some monster builds that are commonly used by players to farm.

    There are 4 main kinds of monster strategies that are used for soloing purposes: Tanks, Tanky DPS, Nukers, and Vamp Nukers. Each are different in their farming roles, and can require game progression “benchmarks” to be effective for a given player, mainly regarding better runes (ex: a 4* runed Lushen could maybe solo Hydeni, but would need 6* runes to solo Aiden).

    I am going to briefly discuss monsters that are attainable for any player (farmable) and some non-farmable monsters that are commonly used that have the capability and potential to farm one or more stages that I mentioned above! We will be looking at the awakened, 6*, max-skill potential of these monsters and show which stages they are best at farming on auto attack. I will let you know if a monster is farmable, give a brief description, show what stage works best for them, how fast they complete the stage, rune recommendations, and give desirable substat recommendations. These monsters work best as 6* monsters with 6* runes, but that is not always necessary for all difficulty levels (namely Normal and Hard difficulty). Also, we will be assuming we are using at least 4* runes (obtainable from Hell difficulty) on all slots since most players do not have 6* runes (2/4/6 runes +15 with 1/3/5 at +12). Some monsters that I mention require the use of good 5* and 6* runes to solo effectively which will be indicated (these monsters can likely solo lower difficulties with 4* runes however).

    **NOTE** I am aware that there are many monsters I do not list that can solo these stages, as I mentioned before there is a massive list and I will only be covering a small portion, mainly focusing on farmable monsters and non-farmable popular choices. Use my recommendations as a springboard to launch you into critical thinking and reasoning skills. Although each monster I list can solo whatever stage I mention, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your monster will be able to. Runes are important! I will indicate the highest difficulty level that the monster can solo, so they can of course solo the difficulties lower than what I indicate. For ‘Time to Complete’, Very Fast means under 1 min, Fast under 2 min, Average under 3 min, Slow under 4 min, and Very Slow longer than 4 min. These times are associated with the minimum required rune grade, so it is safe to assume that complete times will be faster with stronger runes. Everything else should be fairly self-explanatory***


    Tanks rely on their high hp and/or def in conjunction with healing skills to bulldoze through the enemy monsters. These kinds of monsters are best for beginner to mid-game players as they do not typically require 5* and 6* runes to solo a given stage. Although they are effective soloers even without great runes, they tend to be slow, often requiring ~4-5 minutes to complete the stage. Despite being slow, they are consistent and rarely ever are defeated by the enemy monsters; slow and steady wins the race! Let’s take a look at some examples (click link):

    Tanky DPS:

    Tanky DPS units are very similar to Tanks, however they have 1 major upgrade: the ability to output much better damage (DPS actually stands for ‘damage per second’). Tanky DPS monsters usually have high hp and/or def, but can sometimes have a little less bulk than their Tank counterparts. Tanky DPS units are great for beginner, mid-game, and late-game players, depending on what monster it is. Some Tanky DPS monsters only need 4* runes to solo Hell, while others require very strong 5* and 6* runes to be consistent. Complete time tends to be faster than Tanks, but there is a wide range of complete times, some being fast and others being slow. These monsters are typically consistent and have little trouble soloing the stage. I guess you can have cake and eat it too! Here are some examples (click link):


    Nukers are a different breed of monster altogether compared to Tanks and Tanky DPS units. Nukers typically have low hp and def, but make up for this through sheer attack power through base atk, strong AoE skills, hard-hitting single target attacks, and “gain a turn” skills that make completing stages very fast and effortless. These monsters usually can’t take very hard hits, thus relying on their offensive output to kill the enemy before they can kill you. Many of these monsters can only be used by late-game players due to strong rune requirements and monster rarity (largely premium nat 4* and 5* monsters). Nukers are considered by many to be the “best” kind of farmers because 1) they often can be used for late-game content (Arena, Guild Wars, Dungeons, and ToA) without needing to be runed differently for farming and 2) they farm exceptionally fast, usually requiring less than 1 minute to complete the stage. You know what they say, the best defense is a good offence! Let’s take a look at some examples (open link):

    Vamp Nukers:

    Vamp Nukers are virtually identical to Nukers, except that they require the use of Vampire runes to solo stages consistently. Vampire runes are a 4 set obtainable through the Magic Shop and from Dragons in Cairos Dungeon. When a monster is equipped with these runes they heal themselves for 35% of the damage they do to an enemy monster (in other words, the more damage you deal, the more you heal). You can equip Vampire runes to virtually any offensively oriented monster and they will become able to solo Hell modes with little effort (what stage they can solo depends on element and skillset). Vamp Nukers require strong 5*/6* runes to be consistent so most are only used by late-game players. Speed wise, these monsters are typically on par with Nukers being fast to very fast at completing a stage. One of the great things about this strategy is that because of the Vampire runes, they can take more hits than regular Nukers thus giving them access to harder stages like Faimon and Aiden.

    A couple of good tips for Vampire Nukers:
    • Def is better than hp! They heal based off the damage they do, so if they have a high hp pool, the heal is not as effective as if they have a high def pool. Having both is of course ideal, but often times is out of reach.
    • Monsters with AoE attacks are better than single-target DPS hitters in general (there are some exceptions).
    • The best rune off-set for Vamp Nukers is hands down Revenge runes, followed by Nemesis runes. If you don’t have any good Revenge or Nemesis runes, go for Blade or Guard.
    • Monster speed is important! Being too slow can cause the enemies to out-damage your healing capabilities. Shoot for at least 130 spd (through runes and/or leader skills) for maximum effectiveness.
    • 2/4/6 rune builds can be dependent on the monster and stage, however I strongly recommend using either spd/critrate%/atk% or spd/critdmg%/atk% (if you have high crit from subs, go for option 2, if not, then I suggest going with 1 for consistency).
    I am not going to go into detailed descriptions of individual monsters because there are SO MANY of them, however I will give a small list of farmable and non-farmable monsters that work well as Vamp Nukers:

    • Sigmarus (Water Phoenix), Faimon Hell, spd/critdmg%/atk%
    • Katarina (Wind Valkyrja), Aiden Hell, atk%/critdmg%/atk%
    • Sussano (Water Ninja), Faimon Hell, spd/critrate%/atk%
    • Raoq (Fire Inugami), Faimon Hell, spd/critrate%/atk%
    • Soha (Water Nine-Tailed Fox), Faimon Hell, spd/critrate%/atk%
    • Tyron (Water Sylph), Faimon Hell, spd/critdmg%/atk%
    • Julie (Water Pierret), Faimon Hell, spd/critrate%/atk%
    • Su (Water Rakshasa), Faimon Hell, spd/critrate%/atk%
    • Taor (Water Chimera), Faimon Hell, spd/critdmg%/atk%
    • Shi Hou (Water Monkey King), Faimon Hell, atk%/critrate%/atk%
    • Lushen (Wind Joker), Aiden Hell, atk%/critdmg%/atk%
    • Lagmaron (Wind Chimera), Aiden Hell, spd/critdmg%/atk%
    There are so many, but hopefully that gives you a decent idea of what to really look for!

    So… what monster should I plan to build if I am new to the game/don’t have a good monster built yet? This largely is dependent on how strong your runes are and what monsters you have! My farmable recommendations are that you build up either Dagora for farming Faimon Hell, or Veromos for farming Tamor Hell if you only have access to 4* runes. If you have access to strong 5*/6* runes, then I would go with either Raoq for Tamor Hell (without Vamp runes) or Faimon Hell (with Vamp runes), Veromos for Faimon Hell, Katarina for Hydeni Hell (without Vamp runes) or Aiden Hell (with Vamp runes), or Sussano for Faimon Hell. There is no shame is 6*ing a dedicated farming monster, especially if you are F2P!

    A couple of things to think about as you plan on what monster you are going to use: What monsters do I own currently that would be capable of farming Hell mode? How consistent would it be? How fast would it complete the stage? Am I okay with slow/very slow complete times? Am I okay with farming a lower efficiency stage like Ragon, Hydeni, or Tamor, or do I want to farm high efficiency stages like Faimon and Aiden? The answers to these questions will largely depend on the player, but they are questions that all players should consider before 6*ing a monster you are planning to farm with.
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    • Menzoberranzan
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      Ragamos is a great farmer. I'm using him to farm Aiden Hell.

    • Soulkillergp
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      how's your ramagos menzoberranzan?

    • vynnkaiser
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      I used vampire ramagos in chiruka hell in full auto

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    V. What Difficulty Is Best To Farm?

    For those of you who like to cut to the chase, I am going to bless you with this: Hell mode is in virtually every single way the best difficulty to farm. Alas, I know that many of you out there need proof to believe me in this claim, so I will give all the proof you need.

    First let’s look at the definite differences between the Normal, Hard, and Hell difficulties. As you increase in difficulty, there are some things that change: experience per run increases, energy required to play the stage increases (Normal is 3, Hard is 4, Hell is 5), exp earned per energy spent increases (exp/energy for short), higher grade rune drops, 3* monsters and 2* Rainbowmons drop more frequently, and the number of Unknown Scrolls that drop (Normal gives 1, Hard gives 2, and Hell gives 3). There are also some things that do not change: mana drop rate, energy drop rate, and crystal drop rate.

    I’m sure you can already see why Hell is best, but let us continue!

    At the end of the day, the most important thing for farming is efficiency, especially regarding time and energy (both in-game and in real life). What is the best use of my time and energy in the game? The single most important thing to consider when farming is the exp/energy ratio because knowledge in this area will make or break you; let’s dig into the numbers of Faimon Volcano to get an idea:

    Normal = 756 exp * 4 monsters @ 3 energy per run >> 3024 exp / 3 energy = 1008 exp/energy
    Hard = 1276 exp * 4 monsters @ 4 energy per run >> 5104 exp / 4 energy = 1276 exp/energy
    Hell = 1950 exp * 4 monsters @ 5 energy per run >> 7800 exp / 5 energy = 1560 exp/energy

    As you can clearly see, Hell mode clearly provides the most exp/energy! Some users have mentioned that when using a max-level farmer, you are “wasting” 1/4th of the awarded energy, and others have mentioned that Faimon drops 1 energy per run on average, so why not also factor that in? Here’s the data:

    Normal = 756 exp * 3 monsters @ 2 energy per run >> 2268 exp / 2 energy = 1134 exp/energy
    Hard = 1276 exp * 3 monsters @ 3 energy per run >> 3828 exp / 3 energy = 1276 exp/energy
    Hell = 1950 exp * 3 monsters @ 4 energy per run >> 5850 exp / 4 energy = 1462.5 exp/energy

    This can be done for literally every single map in the game, and you will find the same results: Hell mode will provide the most exp/energy!

    But what about the other stuff I mentioned like more 3* drops? All of my data suggests that there is a strong correlation between 3* monster drops and difficulty level: they will drop ~1 in 100 runs of Normal, ~1 in 50 time is Hard, and ~1 in 20 times in Hell mode. This helps speed up farming as more evolution material means faster 6*s!

    Another great thing about Hell mode is the mana earned from selling the runes! Let’s use Faimon again as our example. Let’s say that we have 60 energy and decide to farm Faimon Normal and Faimon Hell and compare the mana earned from the stage and selling the runes. For the sake of the example let’s say we only get rune drops and 2/3rds of the time we get the lower grade rune that can drop (which is the normal rate) and we also get 1 energy drop each time too in addition to the average 1350 mana dropped from the monsters on the stage. You could run Normal ~30 times which would give you 75,200 mana, and you could run Hell mode ~15 times which would give you 75,800 mana. While it isn’t a ton more, it still is more! Not to mention that this example is perfectly calculated with set rates of drops, which of course is not how it actually works in-game. The statistical difference in this case tends to be smaller than the functional difference, both instances favoring Hell mode!

    But what about the time to complete Hell mode?? Doesn’t that make Normal mode at least on par with Hell mode? Well… no it doesn’t actually. Here’s why:

    Although most players will be able to farm Normal mode quicker than Hell mode, it gives less exp/energy, and also drops less 3*s. In the short run, this of course doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, however in the long run, these differences add up considerably! The ~300-500 exp/energy difference adds up considerably over the course of hundreds of runs, and the 3* drops save you from needing to level up a 2* to max level which takes quite a number of runs, even on 2x exp! The one thing that Normal is actually better for is if you are trying to farm crystals (the pink ones). Since the rate of them dropping doesn’t change between difficulty modes, the more runs you do = the more crystals you get. Honestly though, this by itself doesn’t come anywhere close to making Normal as good as Hell.

    As you should clearly be able to see, Hell mode is king when it comes to exp/energy, 3* monster drops, mana, and overall time efficiency. As it turns out, less is actually more!

    VI. What About Dimensional Rifts?

    The update from 6/2/2015 (version 1.6.0) introduced a new feature to the game: Dimensional Rifts! There has been lots of controversy as to whether these rifts are worth doing or if they are better off being left alone. We will look at some general info about them, take a look at the amount of exp and mana you get from the Dimensional Rifts on Normal and Hard, compare these numbers to other maps, and determine if they are ever worth doing!

    Every day there will be one active Dimensional Rift on the main Scenario map. The location for the rift is different for each player, and will change every day to a different location. When you click on these rifts, it will say what rift it is (ex. Mt. Siz Dimensional Rift), show how many Dimensional Crystals you have, allows you to choose either Normal mode (for 20 energy) or Hard mode (30 energy), and gives a general description of what the rifts are that says: “You will be able to earn a massive amount of Mana Stones and XP at the same time.” You can bring up to 5 monsters into the rift. Hmm, sounds interesting!

    Entering a Dimensional Rift requires the use of 1 Dimensional Crystal and large amounts of energy. The Dimensional Crystals can only be obtained through logging in each day, and are given in the Daily Mission tab within the Challenge tab. Each day you get 3 of these crystals, and you can store up to 10 crystals total. Regardless of whether the Dimensional Rift appears in Faimon Volcano or Garen Forest, the amount of exp and mana earned on Normal and Hard modes remains the same, and the monster difficulty remains the same across the board; in other words, all Dimensional Rifts give the same rewards and are approximately equal in terms of difficulty. The only thing that changes is the monsters that you encounter within the rift; the monsters found in the rifts are the same monsters that you would find if you were to battle that map from stage 1-6! Let’s take a look at the exp and mana earned:

    Normal = 4466 exp * 5 monsters @ 20 energy per run >> 22330 exp / 20 energy = 1116.5 exp/energy
    Hard = 8105 exp * 5 monsters @ 30 energy per run >> 40525 exp / 30 energy = 1350.83 exp/energy

    So basically, a Normal rift has approximately the same exp/energy rate as Faimon Normal, and a Hard rift has approximately the same exp/energy rate as Faimon Hard. But what about the mana rate??

    Normal = ~15,000 mana
    Hard = ~25,000 mana

    This is a lot of mana, but for the amount of energy spent, you would still get more from farming a Hell map!

    Conclusion: The Dimensional Rifts provide less mana and less exp for the required energy than Hell modes would using the same amount of energy. They are less efficient than farming Hell modes.

    So does that mean that I should never partake in farming these rifts? No not necessarily!!

    There are two things that these rifts have going for them: 1) they can be soloed, and 2) they give you a ton of mana and exp in a very short amount of time! These rifts, while less efficient, are SIGNIFICANTLY faster than farming a Hell mode stage which makes them ideal for players who have minimal time to farm and/or have a 2x exp pack in effect! This was Com2uS’s gift to the power farmers! I personally really like these rifts, because they allow for some serious time conservation and help to create 6*s much faster. They aren’t super difficult to solo which is great, I have multiple monsters that can handle these rifts, it just takes the right one to be active!

    VII. Swayne, How Do You Farm?

    Hey thanks for asking! For a long time I used to use my Dagora to farm Faimon Hell, however now I use my Sussano to farm Faimon Hell! Sussano is ideal for farming Faimon due to his passive, and he was obtainable through Fusion Hexagram so that was great too! He completes 1 run in about 1 min and 30 sec which makes 6*ing monsters a breeze. I can easily 6* two monsters in 3 days with 2x exp boost on as long as I’ve saved up enough fodder and Unknown Scrolls! Here are his stats:

    Susano lv. 40
    Vampire + Guard (spd/critrate%/atk%)
    10640 hp
    1850 atk
    851 def
    163 spd
    86% crit
    101% critdmg
    45% res
    31% acc

    I also have a video of him soloing Faimon which I will link here:

    VIII. Tips and Tricks!

    Alright! Now that we all know how to farm most efficiently, it is time to give you a few tips and tricks that I have learned along the way through my own experiences and from some fellow users (shout-out to: Starkdesire, Putra iPulzzz, squiggs, coshikipix, sparxx1, and many, many others for their info/data)

    Tip #1! - x2 EXP Packs
    Buy the x2 exp pack from the in-game shop (not the Magic Shop) to speed up the process of leveling by A TON! There are 2 packages available for x2 exp: you can pay 100 crystals to receive x2 exp for 1 day (24 hours) or you can pay 200 crystals for x2 exp for 3 days (72 hours). The best deal is to buy the x2 exp for 3 days, so save up for that if you are patient enough. Before you use the x2 exp, it will behoove you to save up as much of the free energy from events as you can AND have plenty of fodder monsters ready to be leveled up. It isn’t a bad idea either to have some Unknown Scrolls saved up. Make sure to have some extra crystals for buying energy refills (30 crystal a pop). Don’t use energy on anything but farming and completing Daily Missions if you so desire.

    Tip #2! - x2 EXP Farming Difficulty
    When under x2 exp, it can actually behoove you to complete lower level difficulties if your sole goal is exp and not sustainability of farming. When under specific time parameters you need to figure out how to get the most exp per second as possible to maximize x2 exp's effectiveness. Here is the formula:

    EXP fodders earned / seconds it took to complete the level = exp per second
    Example for Faimon Hell >> 5850 exp / 265 seconds = ~22.1 exp/second

    Compare the rates of each difficulty to determine what will be best for your monsters/settup. Again, this is only for more exp over sustainability. When not under x2 exp, Hell is always better.

    Tip #3! – Using Friend’s Monsters
    If you have strong friends with some strong rep monsters, you can use this to your advantage! Replace your monster that solos the stage with a friends monster that can solo the stage and play the stage! Friends monsters do not receive any exp when they are used, which means that they transfer the exp they would normally get to your fodder monsters. This means that the exp your fodders receive would be the same as if those 3 monsters defeated the stage by themselves without any help. This not only boosts the exp/energy rate of any stage, but it also completes a daily mission (:

    Tip #4! – Know How Many Monsters You Need To Make As Fodder
    This seems fairly intuitive, but important nonetheless. It isn’t necessarily bad to make too many fodder than what you need, but making not enough just downright can piss you off haha so! Here is the breakdown:
    One 6* = Five 5*s
    Five 5*s = Twenty-five 4*s (5 max level 4*s and twenty 4* fodder)
    Twenty-five 4*s = One-hundred 3*s (25 max level 3*s and seventy-five 3* fodder)
    These are big numbers folks! Plan accordingly (:

    Tip #5! – Use Smart Fodders
    Pay attention to elemental advantage/disadvantage when planning out your fodder monsters. Tank monsters can benefit from having a little extra help, while Nukers are paired with fodder that get killed off first to save time. Also, you can bring fodders with Leader abilities and/or buff skills to additionally help out!

    Tip #6! – Mysterious Plant and Sanctum of Energy
    It isn’t a bad idea to max out these glory towers because they will increase your overall efficiency as you farm fodder. Mysterious Plant decreases the time needed to refresh energy while Sanctum of Energy adds to your max energy storage!

    Tip #7! - Elemental Advantage
    When building attack based farmers, always remember that they automatically gain 15% critical rate when attacking monsters they have advantage over (i.e. Water attacking Fire). This means my Sussano has effectively 100% crit when farming Faimon 1!

    IX. Conclusion

    I hope that this guide has helped in your quest to farm! I know that this guide was a lot of reading, but hopefully it was worth it haha I have put a ton of time and energy into making this guide because it is important information for you all to know, drop a like and share this with your friends! (: Thank you to everyone who helped along the way!

    ***NOTE: If you feel I am missing something, please POLITELY correct me and show me what I did wrong. I will not respond to bull-crap/harassment/bullying of any kind. Thank you!***

    The End
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    • maximuspryme
      maximuspryme commented
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      i agree that hell has the most exp but normal has better energy returns and is much faster and easier to do so my advice is if you have time do normal if not just run through hell

    • Swayne
      Swayne commented
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      Thank you everyone!

      @ PhaseLock - Mt. Siz has very low exp/energy unfortunately, so it is often overshadowed by the other maps I mention in my guide. For the very beginning of the game it can be an effective area, but not for mid to late game.

      @ maximus - Normal technically doesn't have better energy returns, however you can complete the stage much more thus allowing more opportunities for energy to drop. This is great, but the energy drops don't allow for enough runs to make Normal mode give more exp than Hell, not to mention you are missing out on the other benefits of Hell mode! Normal mode produces slower 6*s, so only do Normal if you can't do a harder difficulty.

    • leinad31
      leinad31 commented
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      Within each area the hell difficulty should of course give more XP. IMO a more realistic assessment would be to compare XP vs energy for the farthest area you can solo for each level of difficulty. For illustration consider the following:

      6000 XP per 5 energy in Ragon, 1200 XP/energy
      4392 XP per 4 energy in Tamor, 1098 XP/energy
      3024 XP per 3 energy in Faimon, 1008 XP/energy

      Above figures are based on 1st stage since it's just for illustration. If adjusted for 1 energy drop (average) per stage completion.

      6000 XP per 4 energy in Ragon, 1500 XP/energy
      4392 XP per 3 energy in Tamor, 1464 XP/energy
      3024 XP per 2 energy in Faimon, 1512 XP/energy

      The difference in XP is now minimal. Other factors for choosing map area and stage would then gain more weight.

      - if you value your time (time is gold, battery life is limited) then either use up XP quickly in hell or finish each stage quickly in normal
      - if you value the dropped monster, or rune
      - if you value maximizing your elemental advantage (water > fire > wind > water)
      - if you value having more chances of getting monsters, scrolls, more free energy, or crystals then do normal

      Personally I prefer normal for the last reason (crystal). There are even times I actually earn energy (4 energy dropped vs 3 energy spent).

      EDIT: Related discussion in 13th page
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    This should be stickied awesome job


    • Swayne
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      That wouldn't be a bad idea! otherwise this would get pushed down after some time goes by, but will always be relevant for players.

  • #5
    Nice, keep up the good job!!

    Do you have any idea whether 6 star Rina and 6 star Dagora, who will finish faimon hell faster?

    Consider getting either one for faimon specifically. Leaning toward Rina because she can be used in arena too.
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    • Swayne
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      It seems to me that despite Rina and Dagora both having skills that inflict damage proportionate to hp and Rina having a higher base attack stat than Dagora, Dagora seems to do more damage to me over Rina which would result in a faster completion. So I believe Dagora would finish it faster. Both are good options though truthfully.
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    • squiggs
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      Rina does 1800-2000 regular damage and 2500-3000 on crits which I get 1/3 of the time. Takes about 3-4 minutes per run on hell mode.
      IMO Rina can be used in the arena until you reach 1500 rating or so, then she will continued to get wrecked even at 6 stars. Dagora is useful in arena till about level 30. Making a 6 star Dagora strictly for farming would be pretty painful long process for most people.
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    • elMacho1912
      elMacho1912 commented
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      I already had a solid arena defense. I use Rina in Arena Offense though lol, when the opponent has Wind or high crit monster.

      By the way, I just discovered my 5 star Ramagos with 19k HP (pretty low I believe) can farm Aiden Hard. I believe 6 star Ramagos with high resistance can do Hell too.

  • #6
    Have you tested these or are they all in theory?


    • Swayne
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      I'm assuming you mean the monsters? I have tested Ramagos, Dagora, Raoq, and Ahman in game to get my data for them. I don't have a Tauntra, so his data is theory. If anyone has a strong Tauntra that they could test that would be very beneficial!

  • #7
    Swayne, Do you think water phoenix can do Faimon hell?


    • Swayne
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      Yep, basically what tertos said. Water Phoenix can't solo Hell mode unless with Vampire runes.

      Agreed, btw, Water Rak has some good potential for Faimon, I have no experience with Water Succubus however.
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    • skecher
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      That's pretty disappoint though. As working on dagora just to farm faimon hell is not fun. BTW I just tried my Ahman(28K hp with violent) on faimon hell and seem like he's doing great but failed on the last stage where HH boss buff all monster before i can move. So i'm thinking about adding more speed on Ahman and i'll try again if i can keep provoking the boss maybe he could do it.

    • Swayne
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      skecher, that is good info to know. Let me know if adding more speed allows him to solo Hell mode. If he can, than that will be good news for many upper level players.

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    Excellent Job.
    I would include Tamor Desert 3 as location, Excellent energy drop, 2 potential 3*mobs, great XP return and very easy.


    • Swayne
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      Thanks! Tamor Desert isn't a bad location to farm by any means, but the main reason I didn't include it is because of the potential for 1* monsters to drop. Overall, the maps I mentioned are better as they eliminate the possibility of getting those pesky 1* mons which when farming 6* monsters can slow you down in the long run.

  • #9
    Very helpful post even for lvl 20 players! Thk u very much!
    I'm going to try Mt. White Ragon for farming then!
    I might beat hell but if I cant I will go just hard mode

    I am having trouble collecting the essence needed for awakenings.
    Does anyone have any suggestion or a link to a similar guide?


    • Swayne
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      I am glad it has been helpful! I searched the forums and couldn't find any guides on essence farming, unfortunately. I will share a link to it if I come across one.

  • #10
    Swayne wich build wind ninja need to solo stg and be good in arena?


    • Swayne
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      My 6* Orochi can farm Mt. White Ragon easily (and quickly). I use Rage + Blade (atk%/critrate%/atk%) and it works great for Arena too. His 3rd skill murders the Water Warbears.

  • #11
    Are those areas also the best to farm player xp?


    • Swayne
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      I am unsure of how player exp translates over from farming stages, but I would imagine that harder difficulties provide more exp per run than lower ones would. If anyone knows more about this, let me and alxandersson know! What tertos said in his second paragraph below this post is for sure true though if that helps.
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    • ShinKazeki
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      Farming scenario missions seems to give out more player exp. However, I am not sure if it is because of the stage or because monster were leveling faster.

  • #12
    Player xp is irrelevant.
    The only thing when player xp means something is when you lvl up occasionally and get a free energy refill.
    so you get like 30 refills or 900 crystals worth of energy.

    As a rule of thumb dungeons, tower and arena provide little to no player xp while scenario provides the most.
    The higher the scenario and difficulty the higher the xp.


    • #13
      Awesome job! I am currently level 30 and this guide is exactly what I was looking for. I switched to farming Faimon now with 3 monsters and getting a little over 1700 EXP on hard mode. The energy return is awesome.


      • #14
        Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone! (: I am glad this is helping you all, that is why I made it.


        • #15
          Great guide Swayne, i'm sure it will help a lot of people.