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Change to Siege war, this is too much!

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  • Change to Siege war, this is too much!

    This needs to be changed in next patch, period !

    I happens very very rarely, for me at least, but when it does it is soulcrushing !

    I didnt notice time and attacked in siege, halfway into my 10-12 min. battle i notice my name in Guild chat and its 3-4 min before closing the battle.

    And im like: okay sh** auto attack and prey to the higher powers that i make it
    This time i kid you not last monster died (i won) and it's maybe 1-2 seconds after closing and it just says "Battle ended" and defense is unbeaten.

    I mean, okay you should not be able to attack after Siege closes but let the freaking fight be over with ?! And this time with

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    Yeah i can't even get to make the full post in topic so continuing here: "with like 1-2 seconds to go it was......... i was speechless ! And in G1/G2 siege where every attack is exciting and long lasting etc. it should be an obvious change that if you have started a battle you should be able to get the end result of it !

    Hope you guys are with me here :O"


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      I think you should be more punctual lol,

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    So you fought in siege and didn't win in time and are upset about it.

    What's the topic about?


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      His punctuality.

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    Does Arena/everything work like that? If yes, I would support the change because if for some reason siege is just not consistent in that manner then that's a development flaw imo.. But if nothing works that way then everyone is going to want everything to work that way and it's going to turn into a whole thing.. so if that's not how everything else already works, then I say it's just something we deal with..

    Edit: #NerfMiho2020


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      To clarify: You are able to attack in sige until 1 second before it closes ! BUT if you attack lets say in the last 4-5 minutes before 1st half closes and you do not finish the battle in time or maybe are winning 5 seconds AFTER it closes - you just get the message "Battle ended" AND you have used the 3 monsters you attacked with, 3 atk counts are taken from you, but the defense is still there and there is no record of you attacking and you are not able to attack it again with those monsters when 2nd half open because they are just lost !

      I just mean why make it possible to attack 1 second og even 30 seconds before 1st half closes when this happens ?!
      I won a hard defense my guild couldn't take, finally after like 10-14 mins. destroy rune match i won and then it doesnt count, it just takes away my monsters and my turns. F*** that :O


      • smurfingurmom
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        I see. Ok I think understand more clearly what you are saying. The issue exists inbetween the first and second half, correct? That seems like it could be a design flaw. I would open a ticket with support through their main portal if you have not. It won't hurt to create a record of it. We will have to wait and see if the devs think it is something worth moving up the list of QoL items which, well we all know how that can go... lol

        In the meantime you/everyone will just need to know that is how it works and to do what DrWord is saying and be more punctual. BUT I do agree that this could be corrected as well.

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      Be more punctual I guess? Is just like you go to a place that closed at 10 pm but you arrived that place at 10.01 pm. Can you ask the owner to open the entrance for you to enter? Times up is times up. Next time just estimate whether you can finished that battle at the limited time given or not. Or else, just wait for another half.

      If you are confident enough that you can win that enemy team but takes longer time, discuss with your guild members whether to save the enemy team for you to fight or not. There are many ways to deal with.
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