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Remove shot guide from gc

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  • Remove shot guide from gc

    ..... As said above...

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    Absolutely with you on that one mb78.


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      I also vote for getting rid of them entirely.


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        Hello Golfers,

        Thank you for your suggestion regarding Shot Guides.

        Your suggestions and support have been forwarded to the developers.

        Suggestion: Shot Guides should be removed from the Grand Championship Mode.
        Additional Support: Removed in all modes.

        Actions taken: Forwarded



        • RicBernard
          RicBernard commented
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          Your color coding reminds me of what a junior high school girl would do with her colored pencils.
          It ain’t fooling still do nothing and are of no worth whatsoever.

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        The shot guides will make it very easy for people with 3+ wind reduction watches to chip in. I cannot wait for the glitch that allows some people to by 9999 of these while the rest of us have none. I can see how this makes GC even easier for some people. If you want to complete, you better stock up....$$$


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          Thank you for your comments on how to improve the Grand Championship.

 Suggestion: Block usage of Shot Guides in Grand Championship.
          Additional Comments: Using the Shot Guide (not reflecting wind) + (-3) wind decreasing effect Caddie Watch would considerably be advantageous in the Grand Championship.

          Actions taken: Forwarded



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            Hello @RicBernard,

            Thank you for your feedback on my response format!
            I'm happy you've taken an interest.

            I had tried this new style in hopes to provide more transparent communication between the developers and the community.
            1. Summarized details (which has always been done when forwarded to the developers, but rarely disclosed to the community)
            2. Color-coded to differentiate the information source + actions (confusion could arise as to who provided what information and who had performed what actions)

            I felt one-sentence responses didn't provide much reassurance to the community.

            Any suggestions on how I can provide you with better services, please let me know.

            Your feedback is much appreciated.



            • Fly-N-Hi
              Fly-N-Hi commented
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              Thanks for all the comments you attend to. We all know your a slave to the bigger machine & you try your best with the little control you have to help improve the game.

            • ZenithAngler
              ZenithAngler commented
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              Hello @Fly-N-Hi,

              Thank you as well! Appreciate your support!


            • confusedgolfer
              confusedgolfer commented
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              Thanks from me too ZenithAngler

              Not all suggestions can get implemented however, the customised tournament collusion was halted quite rapidly and we have to thankyou for that. Any chance of a new course now though, one which suits my stats only and is impossible for everyone else?

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            Don't kill the messenger.

            Thank you ZenithAngler for attempting to inform us exactly what you are forwarding to developers.
            Organizing and showing us what you are forwarding gives us an opportunity to provide additional feedback, particularly if you misunderstood someone.
            Colorcoding can help when there are a large number of feedback bundled together.

            I for one appreciate it.

            Know that being the point man, you are the target for the user's frustration. If you are adequately making the company aware of these frustrations, and our suggestions for improvement, that is good enough for me.


            • baknuchel
              baknuchel commented
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              Totally agree with this. If the developers were as responsive as ZenithAngler then most of our issues would be fixed. Appreciate your efforts ZenithAngler.

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            Hello Golfers,

            Thank you for your support and understanding! You are awesome!

            Yes, I also agree and I had mentioned it in the beginning as well.
            Thanks for catching that! It's good to know my efforts are being recognized.
            It is a preventative measure to have information relayed correctly as well as to provide transparency.

            I do ask follow-up questions and request more information for reports I am unsure of, but even then there can be some mistakes.
            Usually, I request a final confirmation if I'm somewhat still unsure.
            I am sincerely grateful to all members who've cooperated with me and the changes to the tone and format.

            Always feel free to correct me whenever I misunderstand something even if it's already been relayed.
            Even if a report was forwarded, I can always send in a correction.

            I know that most of the frustration is directed towards the decision-makers of Golf Star and come indirectly falling on me as well. This doesn't mean that I don't take it into consideration.

            I'm sure even now there are things I can improve on as your advocate and as the Golf Star forum admin.

            I also have an idea I'd like to implement soon.
            Hopefully, it'll help navigate across the boards and see which discussions are ongoing.

            Just know, I'm here at your service.
            If you would like my assistance, feel free to ask. I will do what I can within the best of my ability.



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              the new shot guide is a complete waste of time, everyone can figure out the dropping pt with ZERO wind, but we are dealing with 8 winds now and your practice field only had 2 winds, the shot guide is not only useless but misleading the newbies. pls either return the Tee shot guide or remove tee/shot guide all at once.


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                Hello @akt8,

                Thank you for your suggestion.

                Can you clarify in which way the new golfers may be misled?

                I will forward your [suggestion: return Tee Shot Guide or remove all Tee Shot & Shot Guides altogether] once I receive the answer to the question.

                Will be waiting for your reply.



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                  Hi Zenith, obviously u don’t play GS often. Just try to play the tour on Seq IN 6t, when u face 8 winds, sometimes I have to use tee shot guide to Just avoid OB, I’ve played this game for 7yrs and still have no idea on the dropping pt under 8 winds, (so how newbies can)the developer just want us to purchase tee shot guide and makes practicing meaningless. What’s why so may ppl leaving so am I.

                  also don’t bother to forward to the developer. Pls just mention one thing/problem that u forwarded that had been executed/resolved by the so called developers. I guess the answer is “nothing at all”


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                    Hello @akt8,

                    Thank you for the details. I will include those in the report to the developers.

                    For future reference, regarding additional information, I may request from you and other members.
                    Sadly, I can't forward reports without the details submitted by the members themselves.
                    Acting/Adding details based on my personal assumptions does not hold up with developers. (Information I fabricate based on my assumptions is not compelling enough as well as could be different from what you initially reported.)
                    The developers also check your report details on the forum as well to confirm my reports and the reasoning.

                    Please note that if you cannot provide details I ask for, unfortunately, there may be some difficulties for developers to see your side of the reasoning for reports or actions.
                    I am only asking for more details to help you can hold up your suggestion and report to persuade the developers. If you would not like to provide additional details, that's also fine too. Your report/suggestion will be submitted as-is.

                    Regarding your question directed to me and my answer:

                    1. Power bar issue (although it seems it's returned for some right now, please report to the Support Team)
                    2. Customized Tournaments complaints (Recent changes have been made and many discussions were held between all parties regarding this issue. Thanks to all the reports and discussions held on the forum, I was able to forward and speak up about all the feedback received from forum members here to the developers. I was not part of the ultimate discussions, but I was called forth to forward the "current" feedback of the community regarding the previous format. Probably, not resolved in the way that golfers desired. Any new suggestions about it are also being welcomed, feel free to submit on the Suggestions board)
                    3. Locker Room > New Information added for Locker Room outfits obtainable from the Lucky Box
                    4. Unplayable Mission Career Maps (however, if you're still seeing new placements or even reported ones again, please report. Those will be removed once confirmed by the developers as unplayable.)
                    5. Blue screen + other issues found on Match Challenge
                    6. Gifting to all (however, this feature was suggested since a long time ago. I had forwarded it again in 2020 and recently, it's now possible. )
                    7. Guild League Ranking issue

                    **Some are missing since I can't remember everything off the top of my head.
                    **Apologies for not having a better overview of all issues (and their status) that come in through here. There's a project I've been building and working on to tackle this very issue on our forum. >> It's a personal thought, but it's difficult to navigate across the forum and see which issues were reported on which board all at once. Especially, since several issues are discussed on a single topic at times, and this can be very difficult to trace back to through our forum. However, this is a result of natural flowing conversations, which I understand. I am aware that due to not having an overview, there's a misunderstanding that community reports and contributions to Golf Star are undermined. This is not true. Your contributions have helped greatly and are genuinely appreciated by all of Golf Star.

                    Your contribution has been very helpful in proceeding with solutions and changes for the above issues/ suggestions as well as others.
                    There are reports that come in through the Support Team, as well as the other language Golf Star community. The collaborative effort each and every one of you put in has overall, helped the developers to see and analyze from all angles.

                    Last edited by ZenithAngler; 07-12-2020, 05:47 PM.