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Please include Beast Riders in the next nerf patch

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  • Please include Beast Riders in the next nerf patch

    Please nerf those broken as hell Beast Riders, they are disgusting op.
    Don't let them be revived mounted.
    Don't let them have this high speed.
    Don't boost their stats whenever they unmount thats sick because they are immune to anti revivers, no counters for them.
    This is by far the worst RTA Season full with those broken Beast Riders, nerf them as hard as you can.

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    Hurr durr nerf every monster I lost to


    • er0L
      er0L commented
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      I mean, just look who is the op of this thread - what did you expect?

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    Sure they need a nerf, more than being OP in PVP, the wind one is op in PvE. She can solo GB10 in 1 minute 18:00


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      This is the trend though. Every year there is something new that is incredibly OP to make them money& about 6 months later it gets a massive nerf. It’s practically their business model.