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Make equipment (balls and tees) available for pf and tournaments for each hole

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  • Make equipment (balls and tees) available for pf and tournaments for each hole

    This would be give GS a new impulse. Thx

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    Hello @Benzfan,

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Would you be able to confirm the details once more?
    I just want to confirm I got all the details correctly.

    Suggestion: Have all Ball types and Tee types available for use at each hole.
    Affected modes:
    1. Real Practice Field: Course Practice Field
    2. Real Practice Field: Basic Practice Field
    3. Tour
    4. Match Tournament
    5. Customized Tournament

    Question for you: Do you mean for available without any costs?

    Actions taken: Waiting on confirmation

    Thank you.


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      For all tournaments. Available means to equip like in real golf.


      • RicBernard
        RicBernard commented
        Editing a comment
        Never happen. Com wants you to waste higher value consumables on things you don’t need them for.

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      Hello @Benzfan,

      Perhaps, I misunderstood your suggestion altogether.
      I have two questions to ask you regarding your suggestion:

      1. Do you mean you'd like to have an equipping feature available in matches for balls and tees?
      Equip/interchange among Tees and Balls in your storage.

      2. You mentioned all tournaments, but by this do you mean all gameplay fields/modes?

      Thank you.

      I will wait for your confirmation again.



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        Hi Zenith, just add balls and tees to the items in game modes.

        @Ric: I may be use more consumables bc I often start without them. It is sometimes a disadvantage if u play with too long DD.


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          Hello @Benzfan,

          Thank you for your confirmation.

          Suggestion: Add Balls and Tees into the Item feature list in all game modes.
          Actions taken: Forwarded

          Have a nice day!