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4 Issues since I reach Champion III grade on Match Challenge !

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  • 4 Issues since I reach Champion III grade on Match Challenge !

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	798DF17F-A3D7-4513-8BCD-7805668B59B4.png
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ID:	1897099Click image for larger version  Name:	60E21E0D-0592-4CD8-87FA-AA6AFC0963C5.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	111.2 KB ID:	1897096 I have just reach Champion III grade on Match Challenge , and since it I have so much issues !!!

    1st one is the reset screen spamming to me ! This screen should be shown once the season is over but I have it since I reach 3760pts on Match Challenge. (See picture 1)

    2nd one is a blue screen during opponent matching menu on Match Challenge. I don’t know who I will play or I can’t go back to home menu. (See picture 2).

    3rd one is the lack of gauge or any info once i’m on the field ! I can select skills or items but ... IT’S INVISIBLE !!! (Picture 3)

    4th ! Yes 4th issue : I can’t pick a card after 18 holes anymore ! There are black shirts for some reason and I can’t turn any card so I skip and tap OK ... (Picture 4)

    WTF is wrong ?!
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    It’s an issue not suggestions damn !


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      Hello @,Fils2Putt

      Thank you for your report.

      The topic was moved from the Suggestion board to the Issues board.

      The following issues and general error reports have been forwarded to the developers.

      Time of incident: Just recently, upon being promoted to Champion III grade.

      1. Reset screen keeps appearing.

      2. Blue screen when matching screen in Match Challenge.

      3. Disappearance of icons and buttons needed to play match.

      4. Can't pick a card after 18 holes.

      Please contact the Support Team and provide all of the information you've submitted here for further assistance or if the issue still persists.

      Link to Support Team:

      Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.



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        Hello @Fils2Putt,

        Update on this error report!

        The issue was resolved via the emergency maintenance held on June 15th.

        If you are still experiencing issues, please make sure to contact the Support Team:

        The resolution information can be officially found on the Official Noticeand the copy on our forum post.

        Thank you for your patience.



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          Hi ZenithAngler.

          Yes , those issues had been resolved since yesterday (16/06 GMT+1).

          I downloaded a small patch on 15th June but I still had all problems but had DL new patch on 16th and it seems it’s all been fixed

          Thank you.


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            Hello @Fils2Putt,

            Thank you for the update on your status.

            It's really nice to hear that it's been resolved for you.