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  • Players 1985-2010

    Just curious as to why there are so few players from this era as compared to the 70s and early 80s.

    I'd love to see more from the 87-93 Jays, 85-91 A's, 90-95 Braves...etc. The great players and teams from this era are very under represented.

    It might be as simple as changing the "vintage" player cards to something like a "decade pack" where you could have a handful of players from different decades for each individual team...

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    Well what I think sucks is that no one from Come 2 us responds to any of these posts. I’m tired of getting the same vintage players I’ve and over. I’ve had many players 3 times. It sucks. Let us have an opportunity to pick our player or buy players. Im literally tired of this.


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      My assumption would be it all comes down to who they can cheaply get the rights to. Very few of the players would be considered all-time greats it seems like most teams gets one or two Hall of famers but the rest are just people that had one good season that they can give him the stats from. What would make me mad it's something don't have any.
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