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Another buff Grogen topic - Looking at you light art master >_>

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  • Another buff Grogen topic - Looking at you light art master >_>

    I've been pretty happy with Grogen in arena, because he does do a good job of killing the reviver meta that is common.
    However, I have thought his damage could be more as you need really high rune requirements to hit high enough damage.
    In RTA, he's very bad, and he's obviously better for arena, but it's a shame it doesn't offer enough there.
    You could argue that Zairos is better or equivilent to Grogen, as increasing skill cooltime often kills revivers, although Grogen anti revive cannot be resited.
    Zerath (light dragon) has received a number of good buffs and really is the supreme dragon. It's even useable in RTA.

    Then along comes Light Art Master, who has the nerve to literally summon Grogen in the animation of the 3rd skill.
    With the light masters attack leader skill, nothing can out compete it in damage and nothing can defend against it.

    So yea, it's way too OP, great in RTA, arena, and really we just need another buff for poor Grogen =/ =/

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    Grogen is anti revive while light art is anti passive. You're comparing two different role of monsters. Seriously, light art literally just out for like 2 days and everyone just cry because their ld Nat 5 is useless compared to light art.


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      We cannot compare their skills but it's obvious that almost of what Grogen can counter, Light Art Master can also do (and he can do others a lot).
      Focusing on revive mons
      Grogen can counter all revive mons,
      Light art master can counter some revives such as Vanessa, Perna, Taranys except Eladrel and Iona !, lol almost take place Grogen haha,

      However, Im not sure about damage, maybe Grogen can do more damage? or Light Art Master may deal pretty low damage? If we have much different damage between Grogen's and Light Art master's, it might be fair.

      FACT: Beast Riders and Art Masters are overall stronger than the old 5 stars. Really strong. Com2us might need to look them or look old units again including 4 star mons


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        I think Grogen skills are already good, but a little buff like change his leader skill or increase his attack base stat could be efficient.