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2020 Color of the Year! [Trendy Blue Set] Release! (until Jun. 10th maintenance​)

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  • 2020 Color of the Year! [Trendy Blue Set] Release! (until Jun. 10th maintenance​)

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    [Trendy Blue Set] that captured 2020 Color of the Year is here!

    Please see below for more info.

    ■ Sale Period
    - After May 27th maintenance until Jun. 10th maintenance​

    ■ New Costumes
    - A total of 3 costumes (each for Eve, Chloe and David)​
    - +17 stats costumes

    * Stats acquired from purchasing the costumes can be duplicated and the same applies even if you switch characters.

    We hope you enjoy the [Trendy Blue Set] and make the field blue!

    Official Withhive Notice:
    **The notice may not be available for viewing after some time. Please refer to the copy above.

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    Good evening Zenith Angler,

    There seems to be a proplem with the costumes. They don't appear as advertised . Tried 0pening the lucky box.
    I'm sure you would out the game followers that you are ficttous and you can bring it to the development team. Sorry for the inconveniences,can you supply me with more information.That has been the response ever since .You took away the gold stars and reduced to 7 days. No longer paying. This game is out control.
    It has been greatty hungry. Go back to the basics. Listen to the consumer.
    I can't even correct the mis spelled words. It has to go through a moderater.


    • baknuchel
      baknuchel commented
      Editing a comment
      They are not in the lucky box. They are in packages as advertised in the Maintenance Notice (not the notice above). Standard tab in packages - they are 1800 stars each.

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    Hello @Moochie242,

    Thank you for your feedback on the notice.

    I'll have the developers know that such details could be added in future costume sale notices.

    As baknuchel mentioned, the packs are in the Standard Package tab of the Package Shop.

    Thank you always, baknuchel, for your support in the community!



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      Is there a standard? In fact, this game is a psychotic patient, full of deceit, tricks and false livestock. Your developers are very smart and clever in making and designing this game.


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        Hello @hamed1980,

        I understand you are displeased with Golf Star and its services.

        Currently, I cannot find any specific details about an issue in your reply.
        Hence, sadly, I can only forward a general feedback report that you are displeased about the game overall.

        If you'd like for me to continue and pass on a general feedback report about the game overall, please confirm and I will pass this on as-is.

        Current details about feedback:
        User is displeased with the game
        >Waiting on user confirmation

        *Please note that I am brief in my report, but your original comment will be available for developers to view in full.

        If you'd like to provide a follow-up and would like to offer your time to improve Golf Star services, please provide details about the game factors/contents you are displeased with.

        Thank you so much for your honesty. Your honest feedback is what helps Golf Star improve for the better.


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