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Valantis vs Art masters

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  • Valantis vs Art masters


    I am a happy owner of valantis but this monster family of art masters makes valantis look prettty sad.

    His special things was the removal with glancing hit and possible provoke. Now we got this skill on 3 art master without provoke and not full activation rate.

    Still valantis cd is 5 turns and the art masters have 3 turns cd this skill. And on top of that art masters has this as 2nd skill, and a good 3rd skill also..

    Valantis is super hard to build super fast with bad base spd and max acc on that. If u ever want to do dmg, u still need alot of hp/atk + crit rate and a setup of def break before using 2nd skill in beast form.

    Please make this druid really what he is worth, cannot be like this in my opinion.

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    what's next?
    Buff Gany because wind Art Master is better?

    This is a season 12 RTA list from Faintmemory

    When all units below Valantis get a buff to his level (especially LnD nat5)
    than come back here and ask for a change
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      -1 He is already strong( do you forget hsi passives and skill 2?)