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1800 stars for an outfit???

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  • 1800 stars for an outfit???

    1800 stars for an outfit where they used to be 1050 stars...????
    Over 70%!!! Price increased...
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    What do you really expect from Com?
    A couple of months ago over 260% increase in cost for Star Trophy 2500 stars down to 950 for the same price.
    Pouches changed to real money only.
    VIP now can only be purchased for a period of time.
    Match Challenge points reset each season and new pass at cost of 2500 stars.
    Stars removed from Match Tournament rewards.
    Twice daily free star from shop removed.

    On the other hand we have a new course (well almost 3 years ago anyway - Waikiki)
    Bugs are fixed in a timely manner (of course only if they mean players incorrectly getting free stuff, other bugs can wait)
    Career Mission improved (by removing it so those pesky new players have to pay to play)


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      At least outfits for stars and not for real money. Bad thing is i wasted too much stars on a good watch. Got nothing btw


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        Quite the positive list of changes by golfstar Baknuchel ....NOT!!


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          Hmmm....1800 stars for 17 stats which give us .4 yards..... NO THANKS!


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            Hello Golfers,

            A response has been provided regarding this topic on another post.

            Copy of the response is provided below.

            Link to the other post:


            Hello Golfers,

            I've checked with the developers and they've confirmed for me that there have been outfits sold for 1,800 Stars in the past. It was a +17 stat outfit last year.

            I will go ahead and forward that the pricing of the current Trendy Blue Outfit is considered unreasonable for its design and the number of gainable stats.

            Thank you all for your feedback.