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Miho and Game Improvements

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  • Miho and Game Improvements

    Miho (Dark Martial Cat) : This natural 3 star unit is absurdly strong and almost feels like a natural 5 star. Her kit includes the following:
    1. Attack Bar Reduction
    2. Attack Bar Increase
    3. Ability to Counter
    4. Ability to Stun
    5. Health Recovery
    6. Inability to die
    Let's look at the kits of other second awakened light and dark units:

    Xiao Ling (Light Martial Cat):
    1. Ability to stun
    2. Ability to absorb attack bar or Recover health (depends on attacked unit's health status)
    3. Ability to counter attack
    4. Attack bar increase (not great when compared to Miho because it's triggered by an active skill and not passively)
    5. Damage Reduction
    Varus (Dark Griffon):
    1. Ability to lower attack power
    2. Ability to lower defense
    3. Health Recovery
    4. Ability to land critical hits consistently
    Sorin (Dark Fairy):
    1. Ability to stun
    2. Ability to remove beneficial effects
    3. Ability to apply glancing
    4. Ability to silence

    Xiao Ling, Varus, and Sorin skill kits can't hold a candle to Miho's kit even though they are natural 3 stars light and dark monsters. It makes no sense that Miho can gain attack bar and counter. I suggest removing her ability to counter and health recovery.

    On another note, I'd like to suggest the following game improvements:

    Grinds and Enchantments:
    1. Reduce the mana cost by a tier. I.e. a Legend grind mana cost is the same as the current Hero grind mana cost and etc.
    2. When I grind or enchant a rune, I want to feel a sense of progress. I feel like I have wasted time when the grind/enhancement returns the same value that's currently on my rune.
      • Please increase the value by at least 1% Or a reroll is performed until the value is higher than the current value
    3. Remove mana reward from Raid
    Monster Storage:
    • Running out of storage in inevitable. Please add a building that converts natural 4 stars into their respective pieces
    1. Add crystal reward that correlates with contribution (similar to end of siege reward) as an incentive
    2. The best chests should go to those who contributed the most
    • The best chests should go to those who contributed the most
    • ​​​​​​​Every completed run should always drop a rune + 1 other item
    • If not, every run drops crafting materials (similar to beasts) + 1 other item

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    Miho is inability to die? So you must be playing some cheats in this game huh?


    • L-Giver
      L-Giver commented
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      Sometimes I wish it was a cheat

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    1. atk bar reduction
    2. atk bar increase
    3. Counter
    4. Stun
    5. Vampire
    6. Can't die from crits (you over exaggerated saying she can't die)

    You miss some points of the others.
    Xiao Ling
    1. Stun
    2. atk bar absorb or recover HP (conditional as stated)
    3. Counter
    4. Atk bar increase (reason it's not as strong is bc she already absorbs atk bar and if you rune her correctly, she'll be absorbing 90%+ of the time especially on Vamp which her and Miho are often runed as)
    5. Dmg reduction

    1. atk break
    2. def break
    3. recover HP
    4. Increased Defense
    5. Extremely reliable stun
    6. Very reliable critting

    Sorin (this is correct but wanted to clarify some things)
    1. Stun (2 skills)
    2. Strip beneficial effects (very short CD of 2 btw)
    3. Glancing (3 turns btw)
    4. Silence (Also 3 turns)

    SO, with that out of the way, Miho is fine as is. Someone made a suggestion on youtube that Miho's passive adds a clause where people with less than 30% crit can't crit but those with 70%+ crit will always crit. Sounds like a good middle-ground although I personally find her to be fine as is.


    • L-Giver
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      Thank you for responding. I did exaggerate but that's the perception she gives. Compared to the other units, she has the highest potential to solo against a 3-4 man team. A unit that can emit that kind of threat is undeniably strong.

      She is safer to use which is why we consistently see her in arena defenses within conquer arena and guardian. She is also popular within guild war, siege, and real time arena. This is because of how strong her kit is. There are a lot perks packed into this natural 3 star unit. If the other units mentioned were as good, we would see them more. At least as often as Miho.

      I like the fact that she cannot die from crits. It is a nice and strong gimmick. Having said that, she needs to be toned down a little. The counter or attack bar increase should be removed. Her kit would make a little more sense if she was a natural 4 star or higher.

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    Regarding the league system, the amount of glory rewarded should be increased.

    Legend ->360
    G3 -> 330
    G2 -> 300
    G1 -> 270
    C3 -> 240
    C2 -> 210
    C1 -> 180
    F3 -> 150
    F2 -> 120
    F1 -> 90
    C3 -> 60
    C2 -> 30
    C1 -> 10


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      I have no problem dealing with her. Yes she can be strong but is easily countered. People need to be more flexible with their monster selections& rune choices. It’s ok to use units outside the meta to handle Miho or build ones specifically to counter. If you’re referring to people who attack your arena defense or GW defense using her I suggest adjusting your defenses. No defense is fool proof. Everything has its weakness.

      Beast riders are much more of a concern to me. They are as powerful as pre nerf twins. I’m still ok with them (despite not having any) because they make money& keep the game going. I know like all new monsters they will be balanced at some point.


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        Miho, Garo, Antares.. people who grasp at them in a desperate attempt to win in RTA, and then they do win because of, what people try to call "luck", is a toxic dynamic in this game imo. When you wiped a team to the point it's 4 vs 1 and theres Miho.. bringing home the win.. is so fricken stupid. That's the part I hate. Miho needs to lose her thing that makes monsters with low CR crit constantly... Or at the very least drop her counter attacks, make her unable to counter attack.. Do something. It's just like the twins when they first came out,, when everyone starts to use something it's clearly over powered and that's a slippery slope.. they are going to ruin the game if they keep crap
        ​like this around.

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          You can't remove atb increase/ counter, miho would no more be a pain in toah