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Rune Management: Direct Swap function

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  • Rune Management: Direct Swap function

    You know when you have two monsters who need the almost exact type of sets? (which only happens like 20 times, swift will / vio will anyone?)
    Then Free Rune Removal comes, and you want to take them to a test and learn sessions: " Who should get the best sets, I wonder". And to find that out you only need to swap sets directly in-between mobs, and if you like it you keep it...

    At least that's a process myself and various of my friends follow. The only issue? It's so boring to manage rune swaps, it takes forever! can't we have a rune exchange button? like "click to chose other monster rune sets to apply to monster A >> If you select ok monster B will receive monster A runes >> Would you like to move monster A runes to monster A? >> Congratualations your monster have swapped runes!"

    easy pizzy, what do you think? Am I too lazy?

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    I would love that. Currently my fastest way of swap is this:

    Monster A = A rune set
    Monster B = B rune set
    Monster C (locked food monster) = no rune

    select mob A, goto rune mgmt, select mob C, tap apply. ALL A rune set goto Mob C
    exit rune mgmt.
    select mob B, goto rune mgmt, select mob A, tap apply. now B rune set is swapped to mob A.
    exit rune mgmt again
    select mob C, goto rune mgmt, select mob B, now A rune set is swapped to mob B.

    If you havent been doing this, you may do so until com2us implement a direct swap as you suggested.


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      Another suggestion for rune swapping.

      Don’t delete a rune when a new rune is engraved onto an existing one. Either tell the user to remove the rune before engraving or swap the runes. I have deleted far too many at this point and it’s bothering me enough that I am at the forums complaining about it.


      • Vince16
        Vince16 commented
        Editing a comment
        It's already the case