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Forgot to reset Public League - Again

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  • Forgot to reset Public League - Again

    For the second season in a row the medal count has not been reset and it is showing a guild in both public and Super League (Elements promoted from public to Super League due to all the drop outs).
    Do we have to wait again until after the second battle of the season for them to reset the medals (that is what happened last season).

    Don't learn well from your mistakes do you Com?

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    Seems like you guys are making idiots look like geniuses. A few hours to go in guild prep was obviously the perfect timing to fix this. These developers are a bit short of a byte.


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      And for all this they have stuffed the fix as well. Our current opponent is over 3000 and nowhere to be seen on this list.

      Come on Com how about another emergency maintenance right now to fix it with just 33 minutes left in prep.


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        Hello @baknuchel,

        Thank you for your report.

        1. One guild is listed on both Leagues.
        >This was forwarded to the developers and the issue was fixed during the emergency maintenance.

        2. Feedback on the timing of emergency maintenance in relation to Guild Prep.
        >This was forwarded to the developers.

        3. Your opponent guild is not viewable on the Public League list.
        >This was forwarded to the developers.

        If I hear anything new or if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.