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Elemental Change and new decorations

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  • Elemental Change and new decorations

    Hi Com2us i want to suggest that you should add new elements in summoners war like Gold/metal for high attack and accuracy, Earth with high Defence and resistance while thunder&lightning with high attack and damage base and change wind one to wind+wood type that's with high HP and Resistance/defence also you should add element substitution scrolls which couod substitute the element of nat 4 or nat 5 between basic elements like from fire to water etc. And you should also put some more decorations stuff like mystical plants and trees even like mystical pets some sparrow or doves like maybe other small animals ....

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    -1 for new elemental because there are already enough element and new element is a constraint for skill (monster of a same family share skill 1 and 2), same for Wood -> high HP, it's a useless constraint I think.

    + 1 for substitution scrolls and decorations


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      Great suggestion 10/10
      Also add Pikachu and Charizard...