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Graphic revive passive indication

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  • Graphic revive passive indication

    Some monsters have a passive which revives them when they die :
    Vidurr, Vanessa, Perna, Sian, Psamathe, Dagore, Iunu and Taranys.
    I propose that these monsters have a graphic indication, like a aura around them, to show when their passives are active or when their passives are again usable for them with cooldown.
    I think it could be a good add, because we could know if a monster is killable, and for exemple don't be surprise by a cooldown reduction which make the passive reuseable.


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    -1 Know and count cooldown is a part of fights


    • er0L
      er0L commented
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      this works only if they're fully skilled and you know it ^^

    • Vince16
      Vince16 commented
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      Sure but I don't think it's a problem to kill a monster that should have normally revive because he wasn't full skilled, and maybe you would hit a monster if you know that he wasn't full skilled but don't know it train you to be more effective.
      Why does this for revive and not for others 3rd skill/long cooldown spell?