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    I was listening to a podcast recently which included Thompsin, IslandGrown, and other prominent players, including Stoic, Luckymadman, and Onceinluv. They mentioned several problems with some current rune sets. Here is a link to the podcast: They do not use most of the rune sets that exist currently. My suggestions below build on their comments.

    Problem1: Rage > Fatal If you are not using violent runes, then you’re only taking one turn regardless of whether you have rage or fatal. The extra 40 crit damage from rage runes is better than the extra 33% attack from fatal. The result is that rage runes do more damage and thus, they recommend never using fatal runes. I agree.

    SOLUTION: Make fatal runes more powerful so that equipping them isn’t an automatic weakness compared to rage runes. You could increase the atk % on fatal runes. Alternatively, you could leave the atk % at 33 for fatal and add a 10% crit damage bonus in addition to the 33 atk %.

    Problem2: Accuracy >> Resistance Onceinluv explained very succinctly in the podcast why resistance is a total waste. It boils down to this: in order to get 100% resistance you have to spend more than 6 power-up rolls into resistance and it can easily be defeated by less rolls of accuracy. Also, resistance is not a guaranteed stat, like defense, hp, or attack. Thus, resistance may never help your monster. Nobody buys resistance or tolerance runes.

    SOLUTION: Uncap resistance so that it can go higher than 100. If you want to keep the RNG of the 15% chance to always succeed or fail, that’s fine, but let people go higher than 100 resistance. In addition, the guys on the podcast say that endure runes and tolerance runes are a waste because the bonus is too low. I agree. If you increased the bonus on endure runes to 35% resistance per set (instead of the 20% bonus currently) then endure runes would become useful. But that only is true if you uncap the 100 ceiling. Similarly, if you increased the bonus on tolerance runes to 20% instead of the current 10% then tolerance runes would become more useful.

    Problem3: will >> (energy, guard, endure, blade, shield, focus, nemesis, destroy, determination, enhance, tolerance, and accuracy). Will is almost always better than revenge except in an extremely small subset of circumstances. The guys in the podcast state this and I agree with them.

    SOLUTION: You need to INCREASE the bonuses on the two-set runes: energy, guard, endure, blade, shield, focus, nemesis, destroy, determination, enhance, tolerance, and accuracy. If someone is going to choose not to have will runes then you need to make the bonus of having something else worth it. Right now the other rune sets are significantly weaker than will runes. Increasing the bonuses on the non-will rune sets mentioned above solves the problem.

    Problem4: Energy >> Guard Defense can be reduced by 70%, but hit points cannot. Thus, if someone has to choose between an extra 15% hp or 15% defense, the extra hp is the better choice. If you put guard runes on your monster and that monster is defense broken then you just lost 70% of your rune benefit. There is no similar debuff for hit points. The same principle applies to enhance and determination runes. Enhance >> Determination.

    SOLUTION: You could introduce a new debuff called hp broken. If the hp broken effect is applied to a monster it temporarily loses a certain percentage of its current hp. When the hp broken effect is removed the hp returns to the monster. Alternatively (or in addition) you could increase the bonus on guard runes and determination runes.

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    Interesting arguments and suggestions
    thanks for sharing the podcast


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      I honestly like all the suggestion.

      But com2us may have a reason from business standpoint on why they mix weak elements with strong elements in the same pool instead of balancing everything.

      Like the way they put flat main stats in 2 4 6 slot pool together with % stats.. Nobody want to use flat main stat (except spd) and yet for some reason they are there. Maybe the weak elements is there to increase the.value of the strong elements... or to dilute the pool so people farm more until they get the better ones.


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        Good suggestions, for problem 4, there are already destroy set but I think too weak mostly for nuker because of the 4% limit. Something like destroy 15% damage deal with 8-10% limit could be better.


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            that is actually the best post/the best Suggestion since ages in this forum


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              Something needs to be done for the other runes to become better