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How to transform speed meta into something more balanced

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  • How to transform speed meta into something more balanced


    I've been thinking about how to make things in the game less related to speed because I have the feeling that every PVP battle is decided, most of the times, by who starts moving first. I know we have to working on more than speed: there's c.rate, dmg, acc and the stat that scales the dmg....but the outcome of the battle is mainly decided by who moves first.

    Then, something came across my head: when you're driving a car at a very-high speed, you need to be very skilfull to control it. In other words, the faster you do something, the harder it is to control what you are doing.

    Thus, I thought that Comu2us could implement this variable in the game: The faster a mob is, the more accuracy it needs to have in order to effectively hit with a critical hit. There will be 2 calculations:

    For every 25% speed buff you get, the game will demand 25% accuracy in order not to lose 5% c.rate.

    Which means:

    Your mob has 100 speed base. 15% c.rate, and 0% accuracy. Forget about rune main stats and substats for now. Let's make an easy calculation to illustrate my idea.

    You'll rune it with a swift and a focus set -> +25% speed + 20% acc.

    It'll become:

    125 speed, 20% accuracy. The 25% speed bonus acquired will demand 25% acc in order not to lose the 5% c.rate. As my mob now has only 20% acc, the final stats will be:
    125 speed, 20% accuracy and 10% c.rate. (It lost 5% c.rate because it doesn't have the minimum acc needed).

    So, mobs will have to be more balanced in stats, speed will still be very important and desirable, but accuracy will be more important than it is nowadays.

    What do you all think?

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    Is this supossed to be a good suggestion?

    First of all, i don't see how you are "transforming" speed meta
    Spd gonna still be n1 substat and CR gonna change to n2, but ONLY for attackers
    all support units that don't need cr, gonna be the same

    Also, this is a 6 year old game
    Everyone is farming runes with specific substats
    spd n1 -----> last priority acc --> res --> raw stats
    all you gonna do with this change is yell a big FU to the community
    and won't actually balance anything

    The only thing that gonna actually change is bring CR buffers into the meta
    and huge buff to Leo comps, who don't rely on spd


    • Gutsownz
      Gutsownz commented
      Editing a comment
      For your question: I never said it was a brilliant ideia. This is a FORUM where ppl discuss possibilities. So, I send YOU a BIG FU with this rudeness. If you don't want ppl giving suggestions, just quit forums, dude.

      For the rest of the msg: Yes, I agree it may ruin some that is already solid and I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for working on your thoughts and kindly sharing them here.