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Reward for suggestions actually implemented in the game

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  • Reward for suggestions actually implemented in the game

    Hi dear all,

    It would be nice if Com2us gave us a reward for suggestions we give here that are actually implemented in the game.
    I know lots of people contribute and, consequently, there is a lot of trash, but a lot of thigs we say here have been very positive for the game, and some very profitable.

    I believe it would motivate people to think of more enhancements and place them here, creating the possibility of making an even more healthy community and last-longing game. The feeling of belonging somewhere is very rewarding.

    Maybe, exclusive statues or transmongs, or something like "Honorable player/contributer tag" hehehe

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    Nobody from com2us is actually paying any attention to this forum
    The only one who gonna get motivated are Loosers, asking for Ragdoll buff etc


    • Gutsownz
      Gutsownz commented
      Editing a comment
      I cannot guarantee they are really checking what ppl say here, but nobody can deny that lots of stuff that have been said here were implemented into the game. We'll never know.