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Isis: Change her 3rd skill please

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  • Isis: Change her 3rd skill please

    I have no good idea to improve her really. Now her 3rd skill has a very long cooldown (5 turns at max skill), the resist check and extra turn by enemies are the most terribleness. Her usability is few situations in games. The small buff should be welcome.

    Ex. Change to -> [Cooldown at max skill 4 turns]: put oblivion state 3 turns to the target and 2 turns to the other enemies.
    Awakening is changed from "increase Acc" to "all harmful effects applied by Isis cannot be resisted". (noted: if the 1st and 2nd skills hit glancing, they cannot apply harmful effects as usual)

    Noted: Delete silence! effect. It is hard to improve a skill which can apply both oblivion state and silence in the same time so that's why I delete the silence effect then reduce the CD time and add more things[cannot be resist] to Isis.


    Ex. Change to -> [Cooldown at max skill 4 turns]: put oblivion state 3 turns to the target and 2 turns to the other enemies. which surpass immunity and resistant.
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    Well, every monsters also suffer resist check except some monsters like Tiana and etc. She is the only one got AoE oblivion. I don't think resist check is the good reason to buff her. But she can has her sister, Sekhmet treatment tho. Reduce cooldown by 1 turn if you succeed land Oblivion or Silence on any enemy.


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      +1 to buff her
      -1 to ignore resistant check
      just -1 CD on her 3rd skill


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        I use only isis alicia galeon tiana ao and finish g2-g3 reliably. Could get legend with it easily if I had better runes and ad.
        This is just Another case of fighter 2 player with isis whining about his rune quality


        • arzaunome
          arzaunome commented
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          I always finished G3 in AO but now Im in silver star because it's boring.
          RTA ss12 I finish at G2 so my runes is good enough?

        • Softero
          Softero commented
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          Then what the F is your problem with isis?

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        Isis is an amazing monster as is, there is no need for her to get any buffs. -1.


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            another day, another stupid suggestion!


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              making her more than god..... no resist check.. 3 turn oblivion and it is aoe on other mon... talk about a way to ruin a game... -1


              • xbf
                xbf commented
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                She is really hard to use, at least add decrease ATB 50% on her 3rd skill.

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              Why everyone think she is god? I have try her many times on AO and she make the AO fails a lot with missing an oblivion leading to lose. When I saw many youtubes show her in AO, all of them either low level arena or show the only success cases. In GO, she is a waste potistion. In RTA, her statistics is so bad on persentage of winning and pick. The place she might be the best is some floor of TOAH exactly. I sorry for my stupid idea buff... and I understand we have so many other nat5 mons to buff first... I have tried her throughout 4 years... she need only a little buff to play on...


              • Tony Sfinos
                Tony Sfinos commented
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                My Seara keeps missing her bombs in AO, leading to lose
                Maybe I should ask for a buff...