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  • About enhancing monster storage

    I now had like 30 rainbowmons 3★
    ​​​​ and want to store them in the enhancing monster storage, the problem is that whenever I want to store them, it stores one by one with a delay (loading of near 1 second if net is good) after it is stored so it's like a 30 seconds storing if net is good but like 2 mins when it's the normal strength of the net (idk if that's the term), Anyway.

    I suggest that this would be somewhat like the monster storage where you can click multiple mons to store in one go and vice versa in getting it back but itd be like clicking the mons (example rainbowmon 3★) and then a pop-up will show with the mons' picture and some buttons (+ and -) and a number that shows as to how many rainbowmon 3★ you want to grab.

    I really want something like this to happen because I've heard in my guild mates where they have like 10 devilmons and grabbing them takes time.
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