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Rune power up changes

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  • Karo_Havoc
    Nope don't like - why? When I am looking through my monsters I use the colour of the rune to determine which one still needs its runes powered up some more. This would mean I couldn't do this on a quick glance. (And when you have 5-6 years of six stared mons - trust me you want that!) -1 to this. It is easy enough to see what quality a rune is either by the subs (i.e. the lack of high sub scores) or if that doesn't do it for you, you can open up the upgrading of said run, click reappraise and it will tell you there what the quality of the rune is.

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  • vRebellious
    started a topic Rune power up changes

    Rune power up changes

    Just a small quality of life change that I think would be a good change.

    make powering up runes like raid shadow legends where say you have a purple rune, instead of it changing to orange when it reaches 12, have it stay purple but obviously it will still say +12, so then you can clearly see what it originally was without having to go to the reap section.

    also when powering up substats if after the substat it says the number of times it rolled into each substat, for example if you have a blue rune with atk% and speed after powering up it would say like atk% (2) if it rolled both atk% or atk% (1) speed (1)

    obviously not game changing fixes or anything, just small quality of life changes that i think most people would like.