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Please fix MIHO second 2 awake about get crt hit

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  • Please fix MIHO second 2 awake about get crt hit

    I write this post because i got problem with Miho, almost my monsters with lower 23% crt but they still easy crt hit on Miho . i think it is wrong anywhere in option of this monster. Please check and fix it.

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    This is the quality content I signed for...


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      +1 as it also happened to me due to I purposely used all my mobs from 0% to 15% cr max when counter miho but still apparently she still managed to activate her passive. Not sure what is the reason or issue though I still managed to win against her by using multiple hits mobs haha, so lucky.


      • Tony Sfinos
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        15% crit is the min in SW

      • ICG
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        Haha yeah I know ps/sry for not being clear.. I mean to say is +0 to +15cr on top of the original cr that my team has lol.. still within or below 30% they still deal a critical hit to miho. Not sure if this is suppose to be or smt just wrong with miho passive. Anyway, I am fine as it is though tbh I dun have a miho atm so if I happen to pull one, I will be sure to happy to use it for more fun! Though if it got changed I will also be happier as nowadays so many defs are miho and sadly my Garo lost against it. I need to get better!!