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Buff Seige and World Boss Rewards

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  • Buff Seige and World Boss Rewards

    Not sure about anyone else but I'm sick of seeing 10K mana rewards in guardian siege boxes and 3 star normal runes in SSS world boss rewards.

    The amount of effort and team co-ordination that goes into siege just to get mana as a reward is so frustrating. In addition to the fact that world boss gives 3 star runes in SSS rank and it can also drop 6* legendary runes in F ranks is a joke it needs to be updated like lab stages where certain cut offs guarantee a fixed reward pool where it eliminates lower ranked rewards the higher your score is.

    Please share this post so that it can get more traction as it will benefit everyone. Also buff fire panda.
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    I couldn’t agree more. After spending sometimes 2 days strategizing and coordinating attacks, the fact that more often than not I receive 4 x10k mana, 3 summoning stones and something like a 5* rare flat defense slot 2 energy rune is very disheartening. For example, look at these “Guardian” rewards.

    Get this suggestion to the top so Com2us will give us more for our effort.


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      is exactly as you write

      I don't play GW anymore - it's not worth it
      SB and WB I do only for crystals

      actually, opening these mailboxes only causes frustration and a waste of time

      c2u is still adding something new and old contexts just nerf ...


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        Absolutely agree. I came to write about World Boss, although the same can be said about siege.
        Why not use the same reward tiering as Dungeons and Rifts at least? Make it scale based on the score like Dungeons and Rifts do.
        Doesn't seem that far from what you already do for dungeons and rifts. The higher the score, the better the rewards. A greater number of normal drops is not the same as greater quality of rune drops.


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          While I don't know about siege (rewards are usually bad, but you get a decent rune or a devilmon every now and then) I definitely agree that world boss rewards need a rework. I don't mind low drop rates, but at least remove 3* rune rewards from SSS boxes, that's just silly and annoying.


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            This has been posted so many times. Definitely falling on deaf ears. But +1 if your post gets results where every other one didn’t.