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  • Limited Time Offer Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Please read below for more info on the Limited Time Offer with Premium Damage Boosters,

    Special Edition Line 3, Limited Edition Line 5, Accessory Boosters, and Golden Keys.

    Limited Time Offer Details

    - Mar. 19th 11pm - Mar. 26th 11pm PDT

    * The purchase record will reset every day at 8am PDT.

    > Premium Damage Booster x40

    The inflicted damage on the fish is increased by 20%.

    > Special Edition Line 3 x40

    A Special Edition Line 3 that was crafted to have short distance but high efficiency (damage).

    > Golden Key x6

    You can open the Golden Treasure Chest to get various premium equipment and items with a fixed chance.

    > Limited Edition Line 5 x60

    A specially crafted limited edition line 5 that's very long.

    >Accessory Booster x60

    Increases the level of all 4 Accessory properties by 500. Effective on any kinds of fish.

    * Please update Ace Fishing to the latest version to make purchases.

    - Please restart the game to make a purchase.