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UI of Summoning Building improvement (Summonhenge)

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  • UI of Summoning Building improvement (Summonhenge)

    The UI of the Summoning building is getting less user friendly when it comes to loyal players.

    Today, I need to drag quickly for 27 times to reach the bottom of the list. I just timed and it took about 10 seconds.

    Not to mention if we want to look for a specific monsters from the list, it’s quite a puzzling moment.

    I don’t think we need any fancy filter. I hope the development team could leverage whatever UI we have to make it simpler for us.

    Even just showing multiple columns and with rows would help a lot.

    In particularly, I am using Almighty Summoning pieces to summon HoH after every 25 pieces. It may get handle if we could have a button to show the summon options that need to use special pieces.

    Now I would ask for more but it is not really needed; it would be nice that summon those related to fusion would be ideal in terms of UX.

    Any support