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Transmog renting system

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  • Transmog renting system

    I have a suggestion. We have lot of transmogs. Maybebit would be nice to haveboption for renting them. I mean by that if i would want to se my monster on a new look i would rent some transmog for about 100 crystals for a week. If i like it i would buy them. Or use transmog stones. I think its a good idea.

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    I think its not good idea. If you want to see how your monster will look like, just go to preview transmog option and see it yourself. There is literally no difference between transmog preview AND any other place in the game. Everything looks the same, just background changes.


    • Anarhs
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      Yeah but all we have are two options. Wait till we collext enaugh stones or wait when we will be able to purchase them.