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Monster summoning issue

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  • Monster summoning issue

    Dear Com2us. I have a little suggestion about monster summons. Make something like every 10th mystical summon garanteed as nat4, or nat5. Because i guess elvery eill agree with that its a little bit frustrating when you open 300 scrolls and get couple of dupe nat 4s and a bunch of three stars. My suggestion is about that every 10th mystical summon garantees a 4star or 5 star monster. About legendary scrolls keep as it is. And every 15th or 20th lnd scroll garantees ld natr or nat5. About money getting issue. You dont lose nothing. If this will be added, more people will start to buy premium packages and that means they will have to spend their crystals. And new people will start to come in. Plus there will be more players in world arena r5 and e.t.c. Please consider to do something about it.
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    Fail safe summoning agreed. A nat 4 every 20 and a nat 5 every 300. Lnd on different timer.

    I think community is 80% against this from previous similar posts fyi.


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      I posted a pity timer about this only got 1 like. But I’m all for this. If you get one early the timer resets.