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What runes to keep and sell?

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  • What runes to keep and sell?

    If you have a couple links you can post that would be great. I'm also particularly interested in nb10 runes tbh.

    What monsters use destroy? Nemesis? Vamp?

    I have 80 6s and fastest monster +184 woosa. 292 bernard 284 chloe 276 chloe2. Fastest vio lands me around 230 to 245 speed. 17 ish nat 5s. Done toah 10 times. R5 3dd.

    I dont keep 5s unless swift vio will 46 hp% def% with speed sub legendary.
    I sell half my blue 6s unless it has good innate.

    Vamp: xiao lin and liu mei and rakan and trevor and skogul and laika and lapis and anyone in wind rift tbh.
    Nemesis: praha ariel and maybe camilla, garo?, bella and colleen I guess, to cut lushens in arena. Jeanne?

    destroy: feng camilla monkey kings and khmun#2, rina.

    It's important to note that a lot of monsters can use broken sets. So if we take a closer look at subs.

    Damage dealers like lushen sig go atk cd atk with 85 crit rate and speed subs. Subs for 135 spd cr cd atk.
    supports spd hp/def hp/def usually go for high speed and hp def acc and res.

    Defense nukers like copper dozer def cd def with subs def cr cd.

    Hp nukers, hp cd hp with subs hp cr cd. Can you name monsters here please?

    All hp monsters like skogul ramagos and rina. Can benefit from resist defense speed.

    That's all I got for now. Tyvm.

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    tbh i think i kinda missed the point of the thread :X
    currently for me:

    i sell nearly all of the blue runes i get unless its 6* and more or less perfect subs

    destroy: arta rina khmun and currently malite (wind garg) but not rly using him

    nem: garo ramagos ariel praha racunni hwahee fran

    vamp: xiaolin garo laika (i heard malite can work as well with vamp)


    • suave
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      When doing b10 rune runs what do you keep and sell. Esp nb10 as answered yep.

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    Destroy: Bruiser AO/GWO. I had it on Feng Yan and Diana... Leo too if I can find a good set for him.
    Nem: Psamathe or Nemesis healers... I have neither so I use keep the good stats ones for broken set.
    Vamp: Garo and Trevor. Used to have it on Xiao Lin but she moved on to full team buff sets.

    In general I sell all 5* runes. For 1/3/5 all blue runes unless they have cr/cd substats, and all purple runes that have flat/acc/res stats. For 2/4/6, all blue runes that have flat/acc/res, and all purple runes with 2 flat/acc/res.


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      suave maybe you should remove the question (?) mark. i though you were asking a question.

      i put destroy rune on tanky bruiser monsters such as Camilla, Khmun, Feng Yan, Rina

      i put Vamp for damage dealer such as Fire Monkey, Garo, Xiao Lin

      Nemesis: Praha, Garo, Chasun

      about which runes to sell and which to keep are depending on how far are you in the game.
      for me, i sell all Blue Rune, i only keep at least 6* purple rune and 5* legend rune with spd sub.


      • suave
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        Well I am asking the community what they keep and sell. Thanks for the reply

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      Imo, with your game status, mid to late.. should focus on6* LEG. Can consder t least violet color... So, 5* and any blue and lower are insta sell.

      This will let u advance.


      • suave
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        Thanks for the reply bdt. I'm still rolling legend 5*s with spd sub. Never know can roll a quad hehe.

      • BigDaddyToe
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        i've learned that sometimes we feel a good Leg 5* with good stat can stay.. yes, will help.. but, this only keeps you steady.. not improving.. ofcrse still need to grind and find a better replacement. GL

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      I keep all legend, rare 6* with spd /cri
      Roll +3/6 check it go into spd/ cri sub.
      +15spd/ cri will keep

      Other advise, slot 1,3, 5 could had a lot spare runes. Even + 15 spd/cri i sell.
      slot 2,4,6 5star normally i sell even legend unless perfect sub.
      Once your units are fully equip, 6* rare/ 5* actually can sell without try rolling


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        I only keep 6* runes.

        Blue runes criteria - either perfect max sub, or double max rolls

        Purple runes - doesnt need to have max subs but i usually sell all Purple runes with undesired subs in it.

        Orange - flat runes are mana source, keeping all other sets