Well I just completed the three different season lengths for the Year 2029. The 40 game, 80 game and the 162 game season. Each one with the 11 game playoffs. That’s 315 games total. Keep that in mind. The graphic below shows the items that are eligible to get from a gift box.
On average I got about 5 gift boxes per game. That works out to about 1,575 gift boxes, give or take a few. That’s a lot of gift boxes. For the premium drops, I got about 13 premium cards (incl Live Prem), about 7 Gold Cards, 5 Team Select Cards, and 3 Ultimate Player cards. I also got about 15 gold tickets, and 15 gold gears. Now please look at the graphic. It shows that for unlocking 2029 we are eligible to receive the Upgrade (Not GI) ticket. And out of the 1,575 boxes that I got for playing the 2029 year as I did, I received a total of ZERO of the Upgrade Ticket. Zero, Nada, Nil.
This is a sad state of drops, when they tell you can get it, and you don’t. To think that there is no way to get it unless you are willing to pay $50 for it or you have to get 1 every two weeks from the Clutch Hits Store. I was really hoping to get a couple playing 2029. I have so many vintage and primes that I want to increase their levels with.
Unfortunately that is the reality for those of us who wish to play MLB 9 innings are in. Unless you spend, it is extremely difficult to improve your team. Now don’t get me wrong I have spent a lot more than I am willing to reference here. For example of my players on my battle team, 13 of them have been GIs from Gold (you do the math). That’s a lot but then add in buying 30 day packages, Ultimate Vintage packs, Signature Packages, Premium SCTs and you can see I have spent a pretty penny.
But I am no longer in a state where I can afford to spend that much. So I thought that going through the free grind I can get some free things to build my team. But the year 2029 is my apocalypse, my end of days. I’ve decided that I will move away from this game. If the only way to improve is to spend, because the top free drops are rarely given even when they are supposed to be, then I have other things to do with my time. Sorry COM2US. I really liked your game. But I have to say goodbye. In the end my no Gear team has an OVR of 103.4. In Ranked play (105.5) I only got as high as Gold 2 (I didn't have enough of the rank skills). And I was always top two in my club team. It was fun but now its just frustrating.

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