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CoT formation's interaction with missing players

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  • CoT formation's interaction with missing players

    Currently the most frustrating thing in the game for me is when I stupidly put one of my players in storage, only to later realize that I had set them as ace for a CoT formation. When the ace is missing and you try to load it, you get an error and then the saved formation is deleted, and then I have to redo everything after realizing my mistake. I understand that it's my fault when this happens, but it's such an unforgiving system for what should really be more of an, oops my bad moment. I'm begging that this coding be changed to be slightly more considerate to this specific interaction.
    This has happened to me twice, once because I had forgot Kalkrish was the ace of the 4* and below CoT team, and once because I had replaced an ace with the Max a Player event copy, not realizing that the system would treat the new copy differently.

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    Hello Kelarys,

    It seems due to the coding relating to Ace players in the team, it is an unfortunate inconvenience that would be rather difficult to fix. (And as you may understand as to why we cannot have more team slots, there are just some things that aren't so simple to do, due to the way it was coded.) While I can bring it up, I feel that the occurrence happens too infrequently for it to be a prioritized issue for the developers to address any time soon.

    Thank you for understanding.