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GolfnFOURPat are taking on new golfers

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  • GolfnFOURPat are taking on new golfers

    Hello and thanx for reading.

    I have a group of 16 with 10v10 games consistently. Also all 10 prep EVERY TIME and all 10 use all there battle vouchers EVERY TIME.

    I am looking to up the games to a 15v15. So I’m looking for 5 to 10 more golfers to join. I don’t pressurise anyone to opt in to guild battles. But if you are opted in then I expect you to prep every time and use all your battle vouchers every time.

    If if you are opted out, then I do e expect you to help the guild in every other way, like completing missions and gaining lots of fame points.

    So so if you play daily and want to see how far up the league this great guild can climb then please join GolfnFOURPat

    thanx again for reading this.