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Season stats on the decline

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  • Season stats on the decline

    I'm on my 3rd season of 19 play. This first month of the season my batter's were smashing the ball. I'm now in the 2nd month and my hitters are struggling. My record is 45-0, and I have only gold and diamond players in my lineup, and I am using gold equipment and energy drinks every game
    Is this normal to have your hitters fall way off? I do notice the opposing pitchers are of hold and diamond as well, my timing and swings seem to be on point, I'm just getting poor results, like they're hitting with toothpicks instead of bats.
    I'm ready to uninstall the game because it isn't that much fun now, lol.

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    The computers AI gets better with winning streaks. You will eventually lose a game and it will drop back to most hits being strong contact. But it wont continue for as long. Instead of getting to 50 games before a loss it may drop to 45 or 40. The AI will grow bit by bit. Its better to move up seasons instead of staying in 2019 as rewards become better.