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{Suggestion} Rune craft event

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  • {Suggestion} Rune craft event


    Please give us the rune craft event from last time.

    The runes you give is not worth the time and effort to sell. It is horrible and useless.

    I will give ALL this nonsense to craft 1 rune like last event.

    Thank you

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    I dont know why people are ungrateful to events, its a freebie

    This current event can potentially outclass that rune craft event that you are saying

    14 chances to pull legend grade

    If you did managed to pull 2 legend grade, this event is already good.

    Plus they improved it to give the players two choices


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      It's no different than normal rune farming/crafting... what is eventful about it ???


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        Your Birthday is no different from normal birthdays ... what is eventful about it?


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          I also don’t like this event, all runes i get gone for sale because of their bad stats.
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            This is the old event. You’re showing just how new a player you are, the create your own rune event is very new.

            You’re also ungrateful. 14 free runes (mana at worst), and ALL THE STUFF AT THE BOTTOM.


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              this is an ok event i'd say. as nat6 summoner said, the ability to choose between 2 runes is already a big plus. you'll get a lot more chances at good runes rather than craft a very specific one


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                -1 I'll see two months' worth of fight runes compared to farming rifts, so what's there not to like?!?? They could all turn out to be crap but that's RNG...