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  • New permanent packages for shop

    Because process to power up Skylanders and as well as evolve and awaken them is slow as well as getting the materials to level up skills there were packages like # times per month as help for players who want to level up their Skylanders skills as well as power up, evolve and awaken them at the shop

    Like for example
    Includes everything to completely power up, and evolve to max grade (6⭐️+5)
    Has the necessary amount of shards to do it
    The materials to completely level up their skills to max (skills Lv. 5)
    And the materials and amount of shards to awaken

    All will be for Skylander of your choice of any element

    They should also add a rune pack and shop has legendary and 1 to 6⭐️ Too

    There should be an option to purchase the Skylanders you want because everything is random from selection scrolls to the summoning