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    I am noticing that when I play a season it defaults back to my basic team lineup for a few games here and there. I played a 162 game season, got to the World Series and my lineup switched to the Basic lineup. The only player that didn’t default back was my pitcher. This went in for 4 games then back to my all star lineup. I ended up losing the World Series. I almost deleted the game that minute. I spent months playing only to have it default back to basic. How do I fix this?

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    You must change both your dh and non-dh lineups.

    In lineup screen, click the batter bar where it says dh/non-dh on the left hand side of the screen. This will show your other lineup. You likely got stuck with them for inter-league games as well and maybe didnt notice. It doesnt change for pitching because pitching rotation doesnt change between leagues.

    Hope this fixes your issue. If not contact an actual com2 employee via the inquiry button in settings screen on main page. Settings - Inquiry - 1:1 inquiry. But they rarely answer those effectively. So good luck.