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Adding special sub-stat performance stones like in summoners war.

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  • Adding special sub-stat performance stones like in summoners war.

    I have another idea that could work in the game and could turn this game into the next summoners war 2.0. You remember the Grindstones, Reappraisal stones, and enhance gems from the Summoners war game right? Well why don't you implement similar types of stones like the ones i mentioned from summoners war to improve rune quality. There can be a dungeon that can drop either sub-stat re-rolling stones similar to the reappraisal stones from summoners war or a single sub-stat swap stone or an enhancing sub-stat stone like the Enhance gems or Grindstones respectively from summoners war. The reason I am suggesting this idea is because this game can adapt to any idea from other games and I believe that this game would not be competitive or fun if you don't have the perfect runes to challenge your friends or rivals. This stones can help make a difference in power of you skylanders by increase rune power on the sub-stats as well as replace non-essential stats for the skylanders. For me my dream is to make an Astroblast with over 10000 ATK with 100 critical rate and 200 critical dmg output. But for me to do that I would have to constantly grind for Runes and more Runes until I get the right one and the odds of that happening is one in a million. But with a sub-stat replacing stone and an enhancing stone I can make that dream a reality! And to make the stones even worth while I have another Idea. Remember the Skill up stones used to power up abilities in skylanders? Well what if you create a way of using skill up stones to power up a sub-stat enhancing stone or stat-enhancing stone into a different grade? An example is that you have a normal grindstone that only increases one sub-stat at low power, but if you were to use like 5 green skill up stones then that would transform the sub-stat stone into a premium version with updated stat boosts. Basically just remember the grindstones and enhance gems from summoners war and try implementing something similar to them in Skylanders Ring of Heroes. I personally believe that this can help make the game more fun and more competitive like summoners war. Thank you and have a good day!