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  • Re-work secret dungeons

    Secret dungeons have always been a horrible thing to have to do because you endlessly farm an element dungeon trying your hardest to get the right SD you want. You have to do this content a lot of times unless your lucky with summons and its never fun, or engaging with the community, or hard teamwork, its just frustrating.

    Belladeon/ Loren are the best examples because you'll be farming hall of light all day constantly getting imps, warbears, vikings etc. and now you cant even try and help for a whole hour and youre stuck hopping channels asking for the SD you want or waiting patiently to see if someone else gets it. If someone does get it assuming they havent already maxed out their friends youll be competing with countless other players all spamming "add pls" "add and ill delete later" etc. None of this is co-operation in any sense. It just fills chat channels with spam and begging which no one likes to see and if you're not the lucky one to get accepted its really frustrated because now all you can do is wait patiently again until the next one rolls around. There's also problems in that you can only delete 5 freinds a day meaning its hard for someone to befriend everyone asking since they can only do it 5 times a day. So all in all secret dungeons i feel are the opposite of teamwork and community since its just spam/beggars and no teamwork at all. Its possibly the least fun thing to do in the game and i remember as a new player not being relieved in the sense of "Yes, i got bella now lets think about giants" but instead "Thank god, hope i dont do that Sh*t again" because of feeling cheated out when i got a diff SD and there was nothing i could do, unlucky when i didnt get added and i felt like i just wasted my time endlessly farming light dungeons and ended with like 200-300 low essences which i never would need that many.

    One way of improving if you wanted to focus on an early game community/ teamwork could be like a separate friend list say 20 people, and obviously everyone in this list can all farm the same secret dungeon, however the more people you added and the higher people cleared too could reward everyone at the end with say mana, unknown scrolls, and rarer drops like low-mid essences of that attribute, angelmon. so they way it would work is when you or someone else opened up that bella sd they would add everyone immediately (assuming there a new player and wanted the rewards) and this person and those 20 other people would all rush that sd, farm it as many times as they can and at the end get rewards based on how many people got 40/30/20 pieces (enough to summon that particular monster) and get the rewards i previously mentioned in a chest.
    So imagine like a tartarus wave clear floor opens up in chat any everyone has to complete it and at the end everyone who was in the SD-friend list would get a little box (picture siege reward/tartarus reward chest) which would have those rewards. This would mean when someone opens it almost everyone usually should be able to get the sd (and you could increase the limit of SD-friends to whatever amount, there really doesnt need to be a limit) everyone can participate in actual group content and be encouraged to get as many people invited as possible to get the monster in question and resources to help with the monster (mana, essences etc.) this would make it less frustrating and less people constantly spamming and begging (aside from the first 30 seconds of the sd being opened). make it no-where near as frustrating and less stressful and kinda fun since theres much less risk of not being left out.and at the end feeling accomplished with your new unit and like 2 angelmons, 5 mid essences to give you that little boost into building that unit, because of everyone all doing the same content "together".

    Another solution, if you wanted to keep the content of secret dungeons the same would be to remove the limit of 1 secret dungeon open at a time and the more SD's you open the higher chance you get to open more to respect the fact you've been farming a lot ( this would also be a feature that is toggle-able since mid-late game players wouldn't want to constantly drop SD's) this means as long as you actually farm a lot you will easily get it because now if i get light viking that's it for an hour, tough luck, but with this if i got light viking so what, keep farming and it would be for example, 20-min light viking, 15-min light warbear, 10-min light yeti etc. These wouldn't be exact numbers but to represent the fact you're farming a hell of a lot for bella/ cow girl the more sd's you open the easier it gets to find the one that you want since theirs less choice and there also dropping more frequently, drastically encouraging players to be constantly farming whether that be from being locked out because they opened a worthless SD, or from being lazy because its too hard to get the exact one you want You would rightfully so need a new UI to deal with all the endless sd's that could be opened but just open up a new window, with filters of "Your SD's" and "Friends SD's" and then have scroll able lists of all the options, filters for each element etc. it could definitely be done.

    Either one of these ideas i would like to see implemented in the game but the thing is because of how awful the SD system is theirs actually tons of ways you could improve them whether it be small ideas like my second solution or something like when seeing friend requests you see what SD's they have opened, so you dont add people who didnt even have the SD from stupidity, trolling etc. Something small if theres not much work willing to be put into this bit of content in favor of other gamemodes.
    OR it could be a brand new overhaul to the system like the one i mentioned in my first suggestion to bring new life to this ever-evolving game but like i said just now or at the introduction the current system is so awful and theirs lots of issues i have with it that there are numerous ways to go about improving the content to make it less frustrating and excited to actually do Secret dunegons because you get a brand new, really cool unit as opposed to what it feels like now where its "great, gotta have to do a secret dungeon now. hope i get lucky".

    I hope Com2us looks at this because considering their overhauling PVE content and making it easier i genuinely feel like they just forgot about SD's like with many of us because we don't need to do them any-more (I'm only talking about this because i'm farming for loren and i was quickly realising how awful it is and re-living my memories as an early game player, i think we all just forget about it as we progress through the game.) i really do hope they take a second look and make some changes to make it more enjoyable.

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    Nah .. doesnt really need any changes, you will come to a point where these SD are absolutely obsolete.

    That is why they usually give fusion events or other events to help new players farm faster
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      I think there is a part that you addressed that is the worst part of SDs: getting stuck with them. They should make it so that if you get an SD and none of your friends have entered yet, you can cancel OR you can get multiple SDs at once. Being saddled with a light salamander SD for an hour is terribly annoying, especially when you know it's blocking you from trying to get anything else.