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  • Not many care...

    About the wrong pick error...

    More care about the fact that no one outside out of the USA can participate what-so-ever in this new event, but you broadcast it to them. Can understand the rules about the trout jersey and whatever memorabilia if you hadnt already given out other memorabilia from mlb to korean members to people only on the korean server. This is a sham once again.

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    Members outside of the US cant even try for the online rewards. If i want one of the diamond packs i have to watch this event pass without opportunity. Will they do the same thing for a mexican or snow mexican event and broadcast it to the americans and not allow them to participate at all? Com2 making a joke of themselves again.


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      totally down with not being eligible for the merchandise parts of the event but not being chance eligible for the game issued cards? I fail to see how that is a regional licensing issue like the merchandise.