**Guild Name:** Limited Wifi

Contact/Leader: Ren, liquidcola, krusher33 (Just apply, you'll be accepted quickly)

Rank: G1

Type: Semi-farming (Weak Defense Monday - Thursday, Strong Defense Friday-Saturday)

Requirements: Level 50 with enough 6 stars to fight in siege, follow +6 rule, use your swords in both Guild Wars and Siege

Comments: We are looking to add 2 players for battles and siege this week. Labyrinth - we always finish S and often SS.

Battle Times: 6:30am, 6:30pm- PST. Saturday last battle: 4pm, pst

**Not required to be social or interactive**. We have experienced people who can help and are very supportive. Basically, our guild is a a great, **no-hassle** way to earn guild points and summoning stones each week. We have a discord, but not required.

No pressure to win all your attacks. Nobody will ever give you a hard time for losing a battle. All we ask is to try your best.

We follow +6 rule. We have 2 guaranteed attack spots available for this week's guild battles AND Siege war!