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Can't get any diamond players

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  • Can't get any diamond players

    Hey fellas. I have purchased many players packs, tried many combos, 3x gold, 5 silver etc... And no diamond players. I barely get gold. I've been playing for months and only 5 gold players total. I have spent over 4000 stars, 1 mil points, etc...I don't get what I'm doing wrong. I have already spent some money on the app and am not spending anymore. Any suggestions would help. Thanks.

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    Arcade Mode = 1 diamond player each month!


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      You can do Arcade and I got some of my diamonds from the Auction using stars of course - then some diamonds came through combinations using gold players. You can also get a diamond from Pick Em - I have enough coins right now for a second diamond but think I will go for the signature pack.
      It takes time to get diamonds but you will. Premium packs rarely have a diamond but it can happen - odds are poor to get one - there is a diamond pack for sale in the store for 2590 stars - this actually is a great deal because the auction players are usually much higher - but you won’t know what player you will get till you open the pack. I’ve done arcade twice for the diamond - the first player was horrible with an OVR of only 68 - a normal player is about the same. My second pack was a lot better - Good luck!


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        Thanks Soozie and CombTheWookie. I appreciate your help. I will keep playing, try to accumulate stars and hope arcade proves positive.


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            Hi. Try combining multiple cards of same team. Purchasing basic packs of opening basic pa is from league games helps the game recognize the number of chancesand increases the percentage you get a diamond the next time u open a premium pack or ultimate player pack. I went through a ton of basics and some silvers and almost always get a prime. The percentage of diamonds is easy once u play arcade, I also get some really awful diamonds. Either way it's a lot easier to grind then to spend money to get diamonds.