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  • v2.0.1 Update Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Chain Strike will be updated to v2.0.1!

    Please read below for more info on the update.

    > Update Schedule: Aug. 20th 7pm - Aug. 21st 1am PDT

    * The game will be undergoing maintenance when the update begins.

    * Details of the maintenance schedule will be notified in the near future.

    * There may be a delay in the update to appear in the market according to the device you use.

    > Update Reward: 3,000 Moonstones + 500 Shoes

    - The update reward will be available during Aug. 21st 2am - Sep. 22nd 7:59am PDT.

    * Please try restarting the game if you don't see your reward at the Inbox.

    > Please Note

    - Please make sure to update the game to the latest version as versions below v1.3.9 will be blocked after the update.

    - You must update the game to the latest version after the maintenance is over in order to apply new content to the game.

    - A data patch will be downloaded to apply the latest changes when you access the game for the first time since the update. WiFi connection is recommended to avoid any additional data charges.​

    ■ Update Details

    1. Live PvP Arena Official Service Begins

    - The live PvP Arena will now be available.

    1) Arena Battle Mode Modification/ New Mode

    [Glory Battle]

    - It's the same battle mode as the previous Arena (Beta Version).

    - You can use all guardians in possession. Relic/equipment stats will not be applied.

    - A guardian ban system will be added.

    [3★ Battle]

    - A new Arena mode where you can only use default 1~3★ guardians.

    - Stats of all guardians/Nexus entering the battle will be fixed to the same level and only the costume stats will be applied individually.

    ※ Guardian level, power-up/transcendence status, MAX skill level, Nexus level, equipment/relic stats, Nexus buffs, and collection effects will all be the same for all players in 3★ Battles.

    2) Arena Schedule

    - You can enter either the Glory Battle or 3★ Battle depending on the Arena schedule.

    [Glory Battle]

    - All servers will be open 3 times a day: 11pm - 1am, 8pm - 10pm and 4am - 6am PDT every day.

    [3★ Battle]

    - 3★ Battles will be open every day; however, you cannot enter the battle while the Glory Battle is open.

    3) Arena Balancing Improvement

    - Arena will now be better balanced. (Glory Battle/ 3★ Battle/ Goodwill Battle)

    [MAX AP Cross Increase System]

    - The player that gets the head start will now start the battle with 1AP while the other having 2AP, and the AP will increase by 1 every turn so both sides will be able to use up to 3AP.

    [Rage Mode Modification]

    - When a certain player meets the requirement to activate Rage Mode, it will be applied to both sides at the same time.

    ※ Rage Mode: A mode that cancels the restriction on the movement and skill use of all guardians. Guardians will be able to move only once per turn.

    [Sudden Death Mode Improvement]

    - The sudden death mode will now be applied more quickly than before. The attack increase effect will be changed to the final damage increase effect.

    ※ There's no limit to how much the final damage increases and the same will be applied to Promotion Battles.

    [Nexus Modification]

    - The damage dealt to Nexus will be fixed to 100% and the damage received from Nexus will be fixed to 20% in Glory Battles/ Goodwill Battles.

    - Reward Improvement: A special reward ticket will be given.

    [Reward Improvement]

    - A new in-game currency (Special Reward Ticket) that recharges regularly will be added per Arena Mode.

    - If you win in Arena with the Special Reward Ticket in possession, you can earn special rewards of a higher grade.

    - You can earn a 5★ Guaranteed Book of Dimension with a low chance when you acquire the special reward.

    - The available reward list will be specified by tier.

    2. 50% Discount Event

    - You'll be able to unequip 1~4★ equipment for free and the cost to unequip 5~6★ equipment will be reduced by 50%.

    - The cost to Summon Again in the default legendary dimension shift will be reduced by 50%.

    - The cost to purchase 4~5★ guardians will be reduced by 50% at the Magic Shop.

    - The probability of the 5★ Guaranteed Book of Dimension being included in the Magic Shop item lineup will be increased.

    ※ The event will be available until further notice.

    3. Adventure Mode Reward Improvement

    - The reward for clearing Adventure in Normal Difficulty with Rank S 50 times will be changed.

    - As-is: 5★ Guaranteed Book of Dimension

    - To-be: Legendary Selective Book of Dimension

    ※ You can still collect the new reward once the update is complete even if you've already collected the previous reward.

    ※ Enter Adventure (Normal Difficulty)> tap the Top-right Icon to check and/or claim the reward.

    4. New Packages

    1) Dimension Shift Package - Tranya

    - You can earn 5★ Tranya from this package and the purchase is available 3 times per account.

    * The package will be available for purchase until Sep. 5th. (Based on server time)

    2) Duckie Costume Package

    - You can earn Duckie's Christmas Costume.

    5. Ambush of the World Boss Improvement

    - The HP of the boss in Mid/High difficulties will be reduced.

    - Your chances of getting better rewards among the rewards available from the Silver Box will be increased.

    6. Exploration Improvement

    - The MAX no. of exploration slots will be increased as follows.

    - As-is: MAX 3 exploration teams

    - To-be: MAX 5 exploration teams

    - The total exploration time per content will be now reduced by half.

    7. Friend Invite Reward Improvement

    - Rewards available from [Friend Invite] will be upgraded.

    - Your previous friend invite record will be reset so you can participate again once the update is complete.

    * Go to [Community] – [Friend] – [Invite Friend] to participate.

    [Friend Invite Reward Modification]

    1) Start of Friendships: 100 → 250 Moonstones

    2) New Ramon Forest Destroyer: 300 → 500 Moonstones

    3) Unstoppable Steps: 5 → 10 Books of Mystical Dimension

    4) From a Friend to a Colleague: 10 → 20 Books of Mystical Dimension

    5) More People, More Fun: 4~5★ Guaranteed Book of Dimension x1 → 5★ Selective Book of Dimension x1

    8. Balance Improvement

    - Guardians whose chain skill effects were not as effective will be balanced as follows.

    1) 5★ Tranya - Chain Skill Modification

    - As-is: Increases your Attack Power by 50% if Haggy is included in your team.

    - To-be: Increases your Critical Damage by 100% if Haggy is included in your team.

    2) 5★ Tahn - Chain Skill Modification

    - As-is: Increases your Critical Damage by 50% if Mountain Spirit is included in your team.

    - To-be: Increases your Critical Damage by 100% if Mountain Spirit is included in your team.​

    9. MAX Account Level Limit Increase

    - The max account level has been expanded to Lv. 100.

    - You can now have up to 200 Shoes when you reach account Lv. 100.

    10. Other Improvements

    - 4~5★ guardians available from Seal Summon will be modified.

    - The skill power enhancement description of Legendary Guardian Hwaryong’s Vermillion Bird Incarnation will be modified.