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How do I train to level 20?

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  • How do I train to level 20?

    How can I get my max training level up to 20? All I can get is up to 10.

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    There are a couple ways of upgrading a player - one is to go to team management, then to Upgrade - you will need a second card of the same player in order to upgrade - if you use coins it may or may not upgrade - if you use stars it will upgrade. The second is you get a player upgrade ticket from the clutch hits mode shop - you will have to earn 1000 coins by playing clutch mode or receive weekly coins from the arcade mode. I have mostly used the first method because the second one can take a lot of tome to accumulate the 1000 coins - hope this helps.


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      Then actually getting the player to 20 is going to cost you at least a couple million coins and stars


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        It’s going to cost both yes - a couple million no - the higher you get the less likely the coins will work - stars guarantee the upgrade - to upgrade from 19 to 20 is 1,125 stars, less for upgrade from 18 to 19 I think it is 938 stars but yes it adds up and it is a slow process unless you buy stars - which I don’t - level 16 is a little over 600 stars.

        So yes, it’s costly.


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          And level 16 on up it is not likely to get the upgrade with coins - the odds are extremely low and you end up wasting a lot of coins.