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Fusion Event hasn't been updated in YEARS.

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  • Fusion Event hasn't been updated in YEARS.

    The fusion event just started back up again! Yay!... or is it yay? Wait a minute, it STILL only has the first 4 nat5* fusion monsters. Veromos, Sigmarus, Xiong Fei, and Katarina? There are 12 monsters there, and while Baretta is probably the best started usable monster, the 2nd best is Verdehile! For brand new people starting the game, who could really benefit from Verdihile, Harmonia, or a new Jeanne for ToA, why hasn't this event been updated in years!

    Please update this event to get all nat4 fusable monsters on the list.

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    This is the fourth fusion event. They are doing all nat 5 fusion one by one ... expect that Jeanne fusion recipes will be next


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      Correction - yes they have.

      This one the rewards have changed - slightly but changed none the less. Previous one was 4 Nat 5 fusions as well but that was the first one as the one before was only 3 fusions and the one before that was two.

      Maybe check your facts FrymanJack before making a title that states: "Fusion Event hasn't been updated in YEARS" when every time something has changed.