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    I'm sure we've all experienced how difficult and time consuming it can be to acquire necessary materials for awakening our monsters with our only real avenue being to farm Cairos Dungeons with the occasional, and completely random, drops from the World Boss. Knowing this, I think it's about time that we are given another option that doesn't occur only once a week and the idea I thought of was a tool to recycle monsters. Did you just summon a lot of monsters and received an enormous amount of dupes? Well instead of selling them or using them as evolution material (That's what rainbowmon are for IMO) we should be able to recycle them for awakening materials of the corresponding element and with the quantity being dependent upon the natural rarity of the unit. So only 4* and 5* would give High materials, etc. Let me know what you think!

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    I don't think it's a bad idea, but I personally would never use this. 5* monsters can be traded in for ancient coins, which give blessings, rare runes, or enchants. Awakening materials are very, very easy to get. even if it costs a full refill, most awakening materials don't take more than an hour. I would rather save my 4* monsters for food, and 5* for blessings. Also don't forget you can turn in 4* for legendary scroll pieces. Anyways, Cheers!


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      My storage its full of everything, shietload of 3* and this recycle wouldnt be that bad. Just destroy 15 usless magich archers for whatever amount mid or low essences according to element ofc. That should be your call what you want to get, mid or low. And ofc you would have to recycle minimum amount of 3* monsters to get mid essences. Idea requires some work on details but its decent in general. +1 from me