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EXP points to be converted to Mana for Max Lvl Players

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  • EXP points to be converted to Mana for Max Lvl Players

    hey guys, i’m new here.

    I sent out suggestion to Com2US to convert exp gained from daily missions into more useful resources such as Mana, since it is no longer useful for players with maxed level. The system is still telling the players that we players has obtained exp, but it is worthless. Com2US seems to be open with the idea but asked me to post it here to get more support from other players.

    The amount of mana could be something like equivalent to 3 tries of rune upgrade at lv12, when players complete all daily mission.

    Even if it is not mana, at least something else to also support maxed lvl players.

    What’s your thought?

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    It would make more sense to raise the max. Level to 100+
    Converting XP to Mana won't happen, if you get to the Point where you can farm gb10 in 1 Minute and farm a couple of Refills every day you will probably never run out of mana


    • Wastedgetech
      Wastedgetech commented
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      I can do gb/db10 in a min or less and I'm constantly broke when it comes to mana. I also farm regularly too. I put a suggestion out not to long ago to improve the mana system. It's the only things that never been improved, as far as resources go, since the start of the game. If anyone is interested please scroll a page or two to find it and contribute your support or ideas.

    • Axelluu
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      uh that’s totally wrong I spam refills to the point I get the quiz a handful of times

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    I think raising max lv to 100 will take more game design time and I not saying that its not a good idea. But the situation will hit again when player reaches lv 100, and again the earned xp will agajn be worthless.

    so really the situation here is when the player reaches max level, how can exp be still beneficial.


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      I like both ideas but mana more easy to implement. Good luck raising level cap, doubt that will never happen.


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        Perhaps something along the lines of refilling you max level bar with the same amount of exp it takes to get from 49->50, and getting a small reward like some mana, a few crystals and a mystic? Similar to guilds still earning achievements after reaching max 30.


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          I support this idea. They did just increase the amount of mana we receive from daily missions. But I just want to see anything and everything when it comes to mana gains in this game. It's the main resource I struggle with for sure


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            Happy to hear some supports. Looking for more

            what I dont know how to do is how to get Com2Us attention.

            not even sure if they are reading this. Hope so...


            • ShiroiKa
              ShiroiKa commented
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              Once you have something like 20+ likes and positive comments, @ a moderator. They’ll review the thread and decide if it has enough support to put into the “community wants” thread.

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            ShiroiKa Thanks...

            guys, keep liking the thread. The way I see, this is a pretty balanced feature we should push and for Com2Us, it should attract more daily logins.


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              +1 love that idea


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                The reason you're saying this is because you run out of mana, right? Just ask c2u to increase the sell price of runes by 20%. Reason? Inflation.