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  • Supporting the Update

    I can’t bear with the blind negativities and stupid complaints.
    Therefore I want to provide my feedback, representing a global top10 guild here (none of our guild mate leaves, nor convinced “its a bad update”).

    This is a very reasonable and mature update. Nothing wrong, nothing off the track, nothing screw f2p. Let’s look at them:

    1. shards (I put it number one since most complaints are here):

    a. summon legendary: this is BUFF. it was 800 gem for guaranteed 5 pieces legendary. it is now 800 gem for 2%*8=16% chance of 100 legendary, in average 16 pieces legendary. For simplicity let’s exclude lightning and other extreme cases, it is an obvious overall BUFF.

    b. farming legendary: this is NEUTRAL. it was weekly 15 legendary omni stone from arena, plus average 4*7=28 legendary omni stone from hard 9-7, total ~43 omni. it is now 40 from arena weekly. There are players who can farm hard 10-7, also there are ones who cannot farm hard 9-7, so overall it is not a nerf, very close to neutral.

    c. extreme dungeon legendary: This is NERF. but it also saved a lot of problems.

    d. realm legendary: This is NEUTRAL. 4% for 30, in average 1.2 per day. it takes ~17 days to get 20 legendary pieces, which is about the frequency that previous realm gave you a nat5 to farm.

    e. elemental legendary: This is a BUFF. need further explain? resolved excessive shards and give you nat4/5 in return! 200/100 pieces!

    2. gold (and exp): BUFF in adventure. also weekend login gold too.

    3. runes: BUFF, noticeable drop rate increase.

    4. rewards: BUFF. guild war rewards BUFFED. invasion rewards looks like a nerf but it actually is a slight buff (except to rank1 guild) in terms of what you really eventually get.

    Update intention is very obvious:
    Do arena more! Summon more! Stop tedious adventure shards farming! Progress in a more balanced way (balance between shards, runes, gold, skillstones)! Select your own preferred skylander to build it well instead of having tons of skylanders but none really usable.

    I really don’t want to use the word “stupid” to describe certain people, but maybe they need to learn how to think before starting to talk.

    There is constantly going to have updates, and there will be constantly people unhappy about certain things. To be fair, as an F2P player, I do support this update and decision. Just want to write it here — very good job com2us! Don’t get confused or mislead by those who don’t know how to interpret, how to evaluate, and how to adapt. (and actually losing those players might be a good thing for the community environment)