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  • Make Ring of Heroes Great again!

    Okay devs I didn't want to say this to you in this feedback but you have brought this on yourselves: the game is now a piece of trash. You literally destroyed everything that was perfect and just make it a P2W game like everyone is talking about. The only good thing that came out of this update was the increased exp and gold, but that doesn't outweigh the removal of shard drops from stages 1 to 6 on every island. The ultra premium summoning and the point rewards were perfect before the update because around the 15th and 20th point score you get to chose an epic skylander and a legendary skylander of your choosing respectively, and the shards that were dropped were small but there was a variety of shards to be dropped with one having a chance for a lightning power up. Now the summoning system in this update is absolute garbage. It's like you want this game to fail and get shut down and ruin the skylanders franchise forever! And the transmuting soul stones, that would have been beneficial to all players had the update not taken away every single shard drops on each stage of the islands! And where are the new skylanders pop-up where we can buy the new skylanders along with the episode dungeon where we can play an episode of the selected new skylander? You said that would be in the update along with the championship ring, new rune dungeon, and so much more. You are lying to our faces and the community does not like that. Not. One. Bit. And to top it all off, the ridiculous and unfair thing to happen in this game was the increase prices and item change of the guild and arena shop!. The legendary omni stones before the update I only had to pay 600 medals for each one, now this update jacked up the prices to around 1500 medals! And the junk you guys put into the guild shops is just full of overpriced junk scrolls that offer little to nothing for our medals. Overall summary: Com2us has completely destoyed this update and I demand that you fix this immediately! I love this game and I don't want to go back to summoners war where it has unfair RNG, over populated monsters, and players for grind hard for high speed that could easily overpower me and my monsters in that game in a heartbeat. I never wanted to chew you out but you have force me into this predicament. I want and demand that you take this into consideration and use this and everyone else's feedback of this new update to talk to your devs and demand that they make this game f2p friendly and great again!