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Game is RUINED! Why?

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  • Game is RUINED! Why?

    Well after yesterdays EPICLY shady GREEDY and just plain STUPID updated the game is wrecked completely. Why yall dont just post up a lil pop-up when players log in filled with green $$$$ and in the middle put "NEW UPDATE" is beyond me because thats all it was a sorry scummy insane cash grab. All but 5 (out of 18) of my guild mates have already called it quits and uninstalled the game. This USED to be a good game it was a pleasant change of pace it felt rewarding and fun... a nice change of pace and personally I ended up spending more $$ on this game than I had any other in the last year or so... why because i am much more likely to spend $$ if I feel like im not getting shafted every time I log in and more so if I as a player feel like im appreciated for putting time and effort into your games. Not only will tall never get another dime from myself and hoards of other players leaving faster than new ones can install the game (probably to uninstall a week later) but I like many many others am quiting and uninstalling the game. I was never a skylanders fan but I enjoyed the game due to the summon system and progression... I guess im a little shocked although i have no idea why I mean yall are a gacha game company aka the lowest form of filth on the planet so this was inevitable I guess. These changes were all about an overnight homerun grand slammer scummy cash grab yall didnt fix any of the real issues and just made it harder and more tedious and basically changed it to if you dont spend money they well ya cant really do much at all. The summon system is absolute CRAP now it feels like every other gacha crappy shaftfest and not worth the ridiculous effort needed to get it. I really really hope it gets so bad the game shuts down... I mean yall deserve sooooo much worst but us as players will take what we can get.